Relics Currently Included In Our Collection

Alphabetical List of Relics in St. Martha Church, Morton Grove

Aaron (Aihran) of Aleth, Brittany, Hermit
Abdon, Martyr
Abraham of Smolensk, Abbot
Abundius, Martyr
Abundinus, Martyr
Abra, Daughter of St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers
Absalom of Cappadocia, Martyr
Adalbald of Ostrevant, Martyr
Adalbert (Voitech) Bishop of Prague and Martyr
Adelaide, Empress
Acacius (Acathius) of Cappadocia, Soldier, Martyred in Byzantium
Acharius, Bishop of Noyon and Tournai, Belgium
Acathius, Martyr
Achius, Martyr
      Achilleus of Rome, Praetorian Guard, Martyr
Adelgunde (Aldegundis), Founding Abbess of Maubeuge
Adrian III, Pope
      Adrian, Soldier and Martyr
      Adolph, Martyr
      Adulph, English Auxiliary Bishop of Maestricht
      Aelred (Ethelred) Cistercian, Third Abbot of Rievaulx, Yorkshire, England
      Aemiliana of Rome, Virgin, Aunt of Pope Gregory the Great
      Aemilianus, Irish Abbot of Legny
      Aengus the Culdee, Author of the Martyrology of Tallaght
      Aetherius, Martyr
      Afra, Virgin martyred at Augsburg
      Agapitus of Rome, Pope
Agapitus, Bishop of Ravenna
Agapitus, Martyr
Agapitus of Palestrina, Martyr
Agatha of Catania, Virgin and Martyr
Agatho, Pope
Agathonia, Martyr
Agnellus of Naples, Abbot
Agnellus, Archbishop of Ravenna
Agnes of Bohemia (Agnes of Prague), Princess and Poor Clare Abbess
Agnes of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Agnes of Montepulciano, Dominican Prioress
Agnes of Poitiers, St. Radegund’s adopted daughter, 1st Abbess of Holy Cross Convent
Agricola, Martyr of Pannoia
Agrippina of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Ailbe, (Elvis) Irish Bishop of Emly
Alain (Alan, Allen), Abbot of Lavaur in Gascony
Alban, Soldier, Protomartyr of England
Alberic, Co-founder of the Cistercian Order
Albert Avogadro, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Co-founder of the Carmelite Order
Albert of Bergamo, Married, third order Dominican, Confessor
Albert the Great, Dominican Bishop of Magdeburg and Doctor of the Church
Albert, Count of Haigerloch
Albertina Berkenbrock, Young Woman Martyred in Brazil
Alberto Marvelli, Head of Catholic Action in Italy
Albina of Formio, Virgin and Martyr
Albinus (Albino), Bishop of Vercelli
Alburga, First Abbess of Wilton
Alcuin of York, Abbot of Tours, Head of Charlemagne’s School at Aachen
Aldebrandus (Hildebrand) of Fossombrone, Abbot of Rimini
Aldegund, Adelgund, Foundress and First Abbess of Maubeuge, Hainault
Aldegonde, Virgin, Abbess of Mons, Sister of Waldetrude
Alena of Dielbeck, Brabant, Virgin and Martyr
Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria
Alexander, Martyr
Alexander, Martyr
Alexander, Martyred at Antwerp
Alexander of Carthage, Martyr
Alexander Nevsky, Greatest Hero of Rus’
Alexis of Rome, Confessor
Alexis Falconieri, one of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Alfred Pampalon, Canadian Redemptorist Priest, patron of alcoholics and drug addicts
Alice of Scherbeck, Cisterician Nun
Allaume of Burgos, French Soldier, Spanish Benedictine
Aloysius Gonzaga, Jesuit Novice
Aloysius (Luigi) Guanella, Priest, Founder of the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
Alfons (Joseph) Maria Mazurek, Polish Carmelite Priese, Murdered by the Nazis
Alfonso (Alphonsus) Pacecho, Jesuit Priest, Martyred in India
Alphonsa Muttathupadathu, Poor Clare Nun, first canonized Indian saint
Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, Founded the Redemptorists (4)
Alphonsus (Alonzo) Rodriguez, Jesuit Lay Brother
Altfrid (Alfred), Bishop of Hildesheim
Alvaro of Cordoba, Dominican Prior
Alypius, Bishop of Tagaste in North Africa
Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy
Amand (Amandus) Bishop of Rennes, Brittany
Amand (Amandus), Bishop of Maestricht, Apostle to Flanders
Amandus, Bishop of Worms
Amantius, Bishop of Como
Amatus, Solider, Martyred at Nyon (Neuss) on Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Ambrose, Bishop of Milan and Father of the Church
Amelberga (Amalberga) of Rodin, Flanders, Virgin
Anacletus, Pope and Martyr
Ananias (Hananiah) of Damascus, Bishop and Martyr, who baptized St. Paul
Anastasia of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Anastasia the Patrician of Constantinople, Hermitess
Anastasia of Sirmium, Virgin and Martyr
Anastasius I, Patriarch of Antioch
Anastasius the Persian, Martyr
Andre (Arnold) Bessette, Canadian Holy Cross Brother
Andrei Rublev, Russian monk, great Iconographer
Andreas Wouters (Walter), Secular Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Andrew the Apostle
Andrew Avellino (baptized “Lancelot”), Theatine Priest
Andrew Bobola, Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Andrew Corsini, Carmelite Bishop of Fiesole
Andrew Hubert Fournet, Priest, Co-founder of the Daughters of the Cross
Andrew Kim Taegon, Jesuit Priest, First Korean Priest, Martyr
Andronicus, Martyr
Angela of Foligno
Angela Merici, Foundress of the Ursulines
Fra Angelico (Fra Giovanni da Fiesole, born Guido di Pietro) Dominican Renaissance artist
Angelina, Despotissa, Albanian Queen of Serbia, Matron
Angelo Paoli, Carmelite Priest
Angelus (Angelo) of Jerusalem (of Sicily), Carmelite Martyred in Sicily
Anianus (Aignan), Bishop of Orleans, Confessor
Anicetus, Pope
Anna Schaeffer. Bavarian Mystic and Stigmatic
Anna Maria Taigi, Widow, Prophet
Anne, Mother of Our Lady
Anne Catherine Emmerich, Augustinian nun, ecstatic, stigmatic
Anne-Marie Javouhey, Nun, Foundress of the Institute of St. Joseph of Cluny
Anne of St. Bartholomew, dear friend and secretary of Teresa of Avila
Annibale (Hanibal) Maria di Francia, Priest, Servant of the Poor
Anonimus, Martyr
Anselm, Martyr
Anselm, Abbot of Fanano
Anselm, Abbot of Nonatola
Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury and Doctor of the Church
Ansovinus, Bishop of Camerino
Anthimus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Antonius, Martyr
Anthony Claret, Archbishop of Havana and Founder of the Claretians
Anthony of Amandola, Augustinian Priest
Anthony Baldinucci, Jesuit Priest, Preacher of Missions
Anthony dei Vici, of Stroncone, Franciscan Lay Brother
Anthony Mary Gianelli, Bishop of Bobbio
Anthony the Great of Egypt, Abbot
Anthony of Kiev, Co-Founder of Kiev’s Monastery of the Caves
Anthony of Lerins, Hermit
Anthony of Padua, Franciscan Priest
Anthony Maria Pucci, Confessor
Anthony Fernandez, Jesuit Lay Brother
Anthony Francisco, Jesuit Priest, Martyred in India
Anthony Neyrot, Dominican Priest, Martyr
Anthony Turner, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Priest, Founder of the Barnabites
Antonia, Martyr
Antonius Van Hoornaar, Franciscan Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Antoine Daniel, Jesuit Priest, One of the North American Martyrs
Antoninus, Dominican Archbishop of Florence
Antoninus, Archbishop of Milan
Aphrodise (Aphrodisius), First Bishop of Beziers, Martyr
Apollinaris, Bishop of Hierapolis
Apollinaris, First Bishop of Ravenna and Martyr
Apollinaris Syncletica of Egypt, Virgin
Apollonia of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr
Apollonius the Apollogist, Roman Senator and Martyr
Apuleius of Rome, Martyr
Archangelo Canetuli, Augustinian Canon, died as Archbishop-elect of Florence
Aristides of Athens, Apologist, Martyr
Arialdus, Deacon and Martyr
Armel of Brittany
Arminius, Martyred with his mother in Egypt
Arnold (Arnulph), Bishop of Soissons
Arnold Janssen, Priest, Founder of the Divine Word Missionaries
Arsenius the Great, Roman Deacon, Imperial Tutor, Hermit in Egypt
Asaph, Bishop of St. Asaph, Wales
Assunta Maria Pallotta, Nun, Missionary to China
Associatus, Martyr
Aspren, First Bishop of Naples
Asterius, Bishop of Petra, Arabia
Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria and Father of the Church
Attala, Alsatian Abbess
Audactus, Martyr
Auditor, Confessor, Companion of St. Austremonius
Audomarus (Omer), Bishop of Thérouanne
Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Father of the Church
Augustus, Martyr
Augustus (Augustine) Tolton, African American Chicago Priest
Aurelia, Virgin and Martyr
Aurelius, Martyr
Aurelius, Bishop of LePuy
Austreberta, Benedictine Abbess of Pavilly, Normandy
Austremonius, Bishop and Martyr, Apostle to Auvergne
Austrufle, Abbot of Fontenelle
Aventor, Martyr, Patron of Turin
Avertanus, Carmelite Lay Brother
Aya, Matron, patroness of lawsuits
Azelia (Zelie) Guerin Martin, Mother of St. Therese of Lisieux

Bacchus, Soldier and Martyr, Companion of St. Sergius
Balbina of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Barbara of Nicomedia, Virgin and Martyr
Bardo, Benedictine Bishop of Mainz
Barlaam, First Abbot of the Kiev Lavra
Barnabas, Disciple and Associate of St. Paul
Barsanuphius, Egyptian Abbot
Bartholomaeus degl’ Amidei, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Bartholomew the Apostle
Bartolomeo (Bartolo) Longo, Confessor
Bartholomew Pucci-Franceschi, Capuchin Priest
Basil, Bishop of Amasea, Martyred at Nicomedia on March 28, 322
Basil, Confessor, Father of Basil the Great
Basil the Great, Bishop of Cappadocian Caesarea and Father of the Church (3)
Basilissa of Rome, Martyr (buried St. Peter and St. Paul)
Bathilda, Queen of Neustria
Bavo (Allowin) of Ghent and Haarlem, Prince and Monk
Beata, Martyr
Beatrice d’Este I, nun
Beatrice d’Este II, Benedictine
Beatrice of Nazareth, Cistercian Mystic
Beatrice da Silva, Foundress of the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Bede the Venerable, Monk and Father of English History
Begga, Widow of Pepin
Benedict II, Pope
Benedict of Benevento, Benedictine Priest, Martyr, one of the Five Holy Martyrs of Poland
Benedict Crispus, Bishop of Milan
Benedict Joseph Labre
Benedict the Moor of S. Filadelfo (San Fradello), Franciscan
Benedict of Nursia, Abbot and Founder of the Benedictines
Benedicta, Martyr
Benen, Patrick’s Psalm-sincer, second Bishop of Armagh
Benev ?, Bishop
Benezet of Avignon, Benedict the Bridge Builder
Benignus of Dijon, Martyr
Benildis, Matron and Martyr of Cordoba
Benildis (Peter Romancon) French Christian Brother, Confessor
Benigna, Martyred in Gaul
Benno, Bishop of Meissen
Bernadette Soubirous, Nun, Visionary of Lourdes
Bernadine of Siena, Franciscan Reforming Priest
Bernadino Realino, Jesuit Priest
Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian Abbot and Doctor of the Church
Bernard of Corleone, Capuchin Brother
Bernard of Menthon, Confessor
Bernard of Offida, Capuchin Lay Brother
Bernard Ptolemei, Founder of the Olivetans
Berno, First Abbot of Cluny
Bernward, Bishop of Hildesheim, Architect
Bertha d’Alberti de Bardi, Villambrosan Benedictine nun
Bertha, Queen of Kent
Berthold, 1st Superior General of the Carmelites
Berthold, Abbot of Engelberg
Bertrand, Bishop of Comminges
Bessarion of Egypt, Hermit
Bettelin, English Hermit, friend of St. Guthlac
Bibiana (Viviana) of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Birgitta Morello of Jesus, Foundress, Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste and Martyr
Blanchard of Nesle-la-Reposte, Confessor
Blandina of Lyon, Virgin and Martyr
Bona of Pisa, Virgin
Boniface, Cistercian Bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
Boniface, Martyr
Boniface, Archbishop of Mainz, Apostle of Germany, and Martyr
Boniface of Savoy, 46th Archbishop of Canterbury
Bonfilius Monaldi, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Bonajuncta Monetti, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Bonaventure, Franciscan Cardinal and Doctor of the Church
Bonaventure of Barcelona, Franciscan Priest
Bonaventure of Potenza, Franciscan
Bonosius, Camoldolese Abbot
Bonosa, Martyr
Bonosus, Bishop of Trier
Boris, Prince of Kiev, Martyr
Brendan, Abbot of Birr
Brendan “the Navigator”, Abbot of Clonfert
Brice (Britius) Second Bishop of Tours
Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden, Widow and Foundress of the Bridgettines
Brigid (Bride) of Ireland, Abbess of Kildare
Brinstan (Birstan), Bishop of Winchester
Bronisalva Odrowaz, Norbertine Nun, Cousin of Sts. Hyacinth and Ceslaus
Bruno, Priest and Founder of the Carthusians
Bruno, Bishop of Minden
Burchard, 1st Bishop of Würzburg
Bugudnofara (Fara), Abbess of Faremoutiers

Caecilius, First Birshop of Granada, Martyr
Caesarius of Armenia, Martyr
Caesarius of Terracina, Deacon and Martyr
Caius, Pope and Martyr
Cajetan (Gaetano), Co-founder of the Clerics Regular, Theatines
Calepodius of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Callistus, Bishop of Todi and Martyr
Callistus of Corinth, Martyr
Callistus I, Pope and Martyr
Callistus Calvario, Salesian Priest, Martyred in China
Calocerus of Rome, Imperial Eunuch, Martyr
Camilla Battista da Varano, Poor Clare Abbess
Camillus de Lellis, Priest, Founder of the Camillans
Candida, Roman Virgin and Martyr
Candidus, Martyr of Alexandria
Candidus, Martyr
Candidus, Martyr
Candidus, Martyr
Canute, King of Denmark
Carlo Liviero, Bishop of Citá di Castello, Founder of the Little Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Casimir, Prince of Poland, Patron of Poland and Lithuania
Cassianus, Bishop of Todi, Martyr
Cassius, Bishop of Narni
Castulus, Martyr
Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr
Catherine of Bologna, Poor Clare Abbess
Catherine of Genoa, Widow, Mystic
Catherine Labouré, Daughter of Charity, Saw Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Catherine dei Ricci, Dominican Mystic
Catherine of Siena, Dominican Mystic and Doctor of the Church
Catherine of Sweden, Nun, Daughter of Brigit of Sweden
Catherine Volpicelli, Foundress of the Institute of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart
Cecilia Cesarini, Dominican Nun
Cecilia of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Celestine, Martyr
Celestine V (Peter of Morone), the only Pope who has ever retired
Celsus, Martyr
Ceolfrid (Geolfridus), Abbot of Jarrow and Wearmouth, Teacher of Bede the Venerable
Cerbonius, Bishop of Piombino
Cerbonius, Bishop of Verona
Ceronatus, Martyr
Charbel (born Abdullah Youssef) Makhlouf, Maronite Hermit
Charles Borromeo, Cardinal Archbishop of Milan
Charles de Foucauld, Cistercian Priest, Martyr
Charles Garnier, Jesuit Priest, North American Martyr
Charles Lwanga, One of the Martyrs of Uganda
Charles of Mount Argus, Passionist Brother
Charles of Sezze (Giancarlo Marchione), Franciscan Lay Brother, Stigmatist
Christiana of Lucca, (Oringa of the Cross), Augustinian Nun
Christina of Bolsena, Virgin and Martyr
Christina, Virgin Martyred in Persia
Christopher of Lycia, Martyr
Chrysanthus, Egyptian, martyred in Rome with his Greek wife, Daria
Chrysogonus of Aquilea, Martyr
Chrysolius (Chrysole) Armenian Bishop Martyred in Flanders c. 300
Ciaran (Kieran), Abbot of Clonmacnois
Ciaran (Kieran), Abbot of Saighir
Cirilo Bertran (Jose Sanz Tejedor), Superior of Christian Brothers of Turon, Martyred in Spain in 1934
Clara Gambacorta, Dominican Nun, the Dominican “Teresa”
Clare of Assisi, Foundress of the Poor Clares, Clarissas
Clare of Montefalco, Augustinian Nun
Clarus (Clair), Bishop of Nantes
Claude Chevrier, French Vincentian Priest Martyred in China in 1870
Claude de la Colombiere, Jesuit Priest, Spiritual Director of St. Margaret Mary
Claudia, Virgin, Martyred at Aminsus
Claudine Thevenet, Foundress of the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary
Claudius, Martyred at Leon, Spain
Claudius of Rome, Martyr
Clement of Alexandria, Head of the Catechetical School
Clement I (of Rome), Pope, Martyr, and Father of the Church
Clement, Martyr
Clement Mary Hofbauer, Redemptorist Priest, “Apostle of Vienna”
Clementianus of Carthage, North African Martyr
Cletus, Pope and Martyr
Clotilde, Queen of the Franks, Wife of Clovis
Cloud (Clodoaldus), Abbot
Coelestinus, Martyr
Colette of Corbie, Reformer of the Poor Clares
Colman, companion to St. Kilian, martyred in Würzburg
Coloman (Colman) Irish pilgrim martyred at Stockerau, Austria
Columba of Cordova, Nun, Martyr
      Columba (Columcille), Abbot of Iona
Columba (Joseph) Marmion, Benedictine Abbot
Columbanus (Columban), Irish Missionary to Europe
Concordius of Spoleto, Martyr
Conindrus, Priest baptized and ordained by St. Patrick, Missionary to the Isle of Man
Conon of Pamphylia, Gardener and Martyr
Conrad, Bishop of Constance
Conrad Birndorfer of Parzham, Capuchin Priest
Constance (Constantia Augusta, Costanza), daughter of Emperor Constantine I (3)
Constantine the Great, Emperor
Contardo d’Este, pilgrim
Corbinian (Waldegiso), First Abbot and Bishop of Freising
Cordula, Virgin and Martyr
Corentin, first Bishop of Quimper, Brittany
Cornelia, Martyred in Africa
Cornelius, Pope and Martyr
Cosmas, Syrian Physician and Martyr
Cosmos, Martyred near Jerusalem
Crato, Martyr
Crescentia, Governess of St. Vitus, Martyr
Crescentia Hoss, nun of the Third Order of St. Francis
Crescentius, Martyr
Crispin of Soissons, Martyr
Crispin of Viterbo, Capuchin Lay Brother
Crispinian of Soissons, Shoemaker, Martyr
Cunegunda, Empress
Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, Martyr, and Father of the Church
Cyriaca (Dominica), Virgin martyred at Nicomedia
Cyriacus, Bishop of Ancona and Martyr
Cyriacus of Rome, Deacon and Martyr
Cyril Bedizersky (of Beloozero?), Russian monk
Cyril, Bishop of Turov
Cyril, Martyr
Cyril, Deacon of Hierapolis and Martyr
Cyril, Monk, Missionary to Moravia, Developer of the Cyrillic Alphabet
Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria and Father of the Church
Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem and Father of the Church
Cyrus of Egypt, Martyr
Czeslaw (Ceslas) Odrowaz, Dominican Priest, Brother of St. Hyacinth

Dagobert II, King of Austrasia, Martyr
Dalmatius, Bishop of Pavia
Damasus, Pope
Damian, Physician and Martyr
Daniel, Martyr
Daniel of Moscow, Prince, Monk, Founder of the Danilov Monastery
Daniel, Abbot of Skete, Egypt
Daniel the Stylite, Priest and Confessor
Daphrosa (Dafrosa), Mother of St. Bibiana, Martyr
Daria, Greek, martyred in Rome with her Egyptian husband, Chrysanthus
Dathus, Bishop of Ravenna
David, Abbot of Himmerode
David (Dewi), Bishop of Menevia (St. Davids), Patron of Wales
Deicola (Deicuil), Irish Missionary Abbot
Deiniol (Daniel), First Bishop of Bagor, Carnarvon, Wales
Demetrius of Sirmium (and Thessaloniki), Deacon and Martyr
Denis (Dionysius), First Bishop of Paris and Martyr
Denis Auguste Affre, Archbishop of Paris, martyred for peace, June 27. 1848
Deodatus of Sora, Martyr
Désiré-Félicien-François-Joseph, Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Mechlin-Brussels
Deusdedit (Adeodatus I), Pope
Desiderius (Didier), Bishop of Vienne
Desiderius (Didier), Bishop of Langres, Martyr
Désiré-Félicien-François-Joseph Mercier, Cardinal Archbishop of Mechelen
Diana de Andelo, Dominican Prioress of St. Agnes Convent in Bologna
Disciola of Poitiers, nun in Holy Cross Convent
Diodora, Martyr
Didacus (San Diego) of Alcala, Franciscan Brother
Diego Jose of Cadiz, Capuchin Preacher to the Andalusia area
Dignus, Martyr
Dilectus, Martyr
Dimitry of Priluckji, Russian Monk
Dimitry (Daniil Saavich Tuptalo/Tuptalenko), Bishop of Rostov, Composet
Dionysius, Patriarch of Alexandria
Dionysius the Areopagite, Disciple of St. Paul, First Bishop of Athens, Martyr
Dionysius of Aquileia, Lay Person, Martyr
Dionysius of Kiev, Russian monk
Dionysius, Pope and Martyr
Dionysius of Zakynthos, Archbishop of Aegina
Dogmael of Wales, 6th century Hermit
Domenica del Paradiso, Florentine Dominican Prioress
Dominic de Guzman, Priest and Founder of the Order of Preachers, Dominicans
Dominic of the Holy Rosary (Ioannes Nagata Magoshichiro) Dominican Martyr of Nagasaki
Dominic Henares, Dominican Bishop and Martyr of Tonkin, China
Dominic Savio
Dominica, Martyr
Dominican Martyrs of Tonkin, China
Domitilla (Flavia Domitilla), great-niece of Emperors Domitian, Titus, and the Senator, St. Flavius Clemens, Martyr
Donatus, Bishop of Arezzo, Martyr
Donatus, (Donagh the Irishman) Bishop of Fiesole
Donatus, Martyr
Donatus, Martyr
Donatus, Martyr
Dorothy of Cappadocia, Virgin and Martyr
Dorothy of Montau, Widow and Mystic
Dubritius (Dyfryg, Devereaux) Bishop in Wales
Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury
Dymphna, Virgin and Martyr

Eadbert, Second Bishop of Lindisfarne, successor to St. Cuthbert
Eadilon, Hermit
Eberwin, Abbot of St. Martin’s in Trier
Ecclesius, Bishop of Ravenna, Builder of San Vitale
Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Holy Cross), Carmelite Nun, murdered in Auschwicz
Edith of Wilton, Virgin
Edward the Confessor, Last Saxon King of England
Edward, English King and Martyr
Edwen, Daghter of St. King Brynach, Patroness of Anglesey
Edmund Bojanowski, Layman, Confessor
Edmund, Saxon King and Martyr
Edmund Campion, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury
Egwin, 3rd Bishop of Worcester, Benedictine, Founding Abbot of Evesham
Eileen Rosaline O’Connor, Australian Foundress of Our Lady’s Nurses of the Poor
Eleanora, Virgin
Eleutherius, Abbot
Eleutherius, First Bishop of Tournai and Martyr
Eleutherius, Bishop and Martyr
Eleutherius, Martyr
Elias (Giovanni Rachites) of Enna (Sicily), Basilian Abbot
(Mateo) Elias del Soccorso Nieves del Castillo, Mexican Augustinian Priest, Martyr
Eligius (Eloi), Bishop of Noyon and Tournai, Patron of Goldsmiths
Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist
Elizabeth Achler, German Franciscn Tertiary, Mystic
Elizabeth Hesselblad, Brigittine Abbess
Elizabeth of Hungary, Margravine of Thuringia
Elizabeth Ann Seton, Foundress of the American Sisters of Charity
Elizabeth of Messina, Virgin and Solitary
Elizabeth of Schönau, Cistercian Abbess
Elizabeth of Spalbeek, Nun of Herkenrode, Belgium
Elzear of Sabran, Count of Ariano
Emerentiana, Virgin and Martyr, Foster Sister of St. Agnes
Emeric, (Amerigo, from which “America” is derived), Hungarian Prince
Emidius (Emigdius), Bishop and Martyr
Emilie Taverniere Gamelin, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Montreal
Emily de Vialar, Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition
Emmanuel Gomez Gonzalez, Spanish priest, martyred in Brazil
Enimie, Daughter of Clothaire II, founding Abbess of St. Enimie Benedictine Abbey
Ephraem of Edessa, Deacon, Hymn Writer, and Father of the Church
Epiphanius, Patriarch of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church
Epiphanius the Wise, Dicsiple and Biographer of Sergius of Radonezh
Erasmus of Antioch, Martyr
Erasmus (Elmo), Bishop of Formiae and Martyr
Erhard (Eberhard), First Abbot of Ebersheimmunster, Bishop near Ratisbon (Regensburg)
Eric IV, King of Sweden, Martyr
Ermelinda (Linda), Virgin and Recluse
Ermemond, Bishop
Ernan(Eirnin) of Cluin Deorhra (Cloondara) Disciple of St. Columba
Eskil, English Missionary, First Bishop of Strangnas, Sweden, Martyr
Ethelwold, English Priest, Hermit, buried in Lindisfarne
Eucharius, Martyred at Toul
Eucherius, Bishop of Lyons
Euddodwy (Oudoceus), Bishop of Llandaff
Eugene, Bishop
Eugene Prevost, Priest, Founder of the Sacerdotal Fraternity and the Oblates of Bethany
Eugenia of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Eugene, Bishop of Toledo
Eugenius, Martyr
Eugenius, Martyr
Eulalia of Barcelona, Virgin and Martyr
Euphemia of Chalcedon, Virgin and Martyr
Euphemia, Abbess of Altomünster, Bavaria
Euphrasia, Virgin and Martyr
Euphrosyna, Virgin and Martyr
Eurosia (Orosia), Virgin, martyred near Bayonne
Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea (Palestine), Father of the Church, Father of Church History
Eusebius, Pope and Martyr
Eusebius of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata, Father of the Church, Martyr
Eusebius, Martyred in Syria
Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop and Church Father
Eustace (Eustathius), Roman General and Martyr
Eustochia Smeralda Calafato, Poor Clare, Co-patroness of Messina
Eustochium Julia, Daughter of St. Paula, Friend of St. Jerome
Eutropius, First Bishop of Saintes, Martyr
Euthymius, Martyr
Eutychian, Pope
Eva, Martyr
Evaristus, Pope and Martyr
Everard (Eberhard) Confessor, Founder of Cysoing Abbey, diocese of Cambrai
Exuperantia, Virgin Martyred at Troyes
Ezequiel Moreno y Díaz, Augustinian Recollet

Fabian, Pope and Martyr
Facundus, Martyr
Faith (Foi), Virgin, Martyred at Agen, France
Fausta, Matron (Mother of St. Anastasia of Sirmium)
Fausta, Widow
Fausta, Martyr
Faustina, Martyr
Faustina Kowalska, Nun who experienced the Divine Mercy apparitions
Faustinus of Brescia, Priest and Martyr
Faustus, Martyr
Felicia, Virgin, Martyred at Caligari, Sardinia
Felician of Rome, Martyr
Felicissimus, Martyr
Felicitas of Carthage
Felicitas, of Rome, Martyr and her seven martyred sons:
Felix, Martyr
Felix, Martyr
Felix I, Pope and Martyr
Felix III, Pope and Grandfather of Pope Gregory the Great
Felix of Cantalice Capuchin Friar
Felix, Bishop of Nola
Felix of Valois, Co-founder of the Theatines
Ferdinand III, King of Castile
Ferinus, Martyr ( I can find nothing about this saint).
Ferreol, Bishop of Limoges
Fiacre, Hermit
Fidelis, Martyr
Fidelis, Bishop of Merida
Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Capuchin Priest and Martyr
Filarete (the Gardener) of Calabria, Basilian Abbot, successor to St. Elias of Enna
Filippo Smaldone, Apostle of Our Lady of Pompeii, father of deaf, blind, and abandoned
Finian, Abbot
Firmatus, Martyr
Firmin, First Bishop of Amiens, Martyr
      Flavian, Martyr
Flavius Clemens, Roman Senator, Uncle of Flavia Domitilla
Flora of Cordoba, Virgin and Martyr
Flora of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Florentia, Martyr
Florentius, Benedictine Confessor
Florian, Soldier and Martyr
Floribert, son and successor to St. Hubert as Bishop of Liẻge
Foillan, Irish Monk, Missionary, Martyr
Foulques, Abbot of Fontenelle
Fortunatus, African Martyr
Fortunatus, Martyr
Four Holy Crowned Ones, (one of them) Roman Martyr
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Soldiers (one of them
Frances of Rome, Foundress of the Oblates of Mary (of Tor de’Specchi)
Frances Xavier Cabrini, Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Died in  Chicago’s Columbus Hospital on December 22, 1917, America’s First Saint
Frances Siedliska, Foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Francesco Pianzola,Priest, Founder of the MissionarySisters of the Immaculate, Queen of Peace
Francis Aranha, Jesuit Lay Brother. Martyred in India
Francis of Assisi, Deacon and Founder of the Franciscans
Francis Borgia, Jesuit Priest
Francis Caracciolo, Priest
Francis Mary Croese of Camporosso, Capuchin Lay Brother
Francis de Paula, Confessor, Founder of the Order of the Minims
Francis De Sales, Bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Church
Francis Jerome (De Geronimo), Jesuit Priest (2)
Francis Mary Paul Libermann, Second Founder of the Holy Spirit Order
Francis Solano, Franciscan Missionary Priest
Francis Venimbene of Fabriano, Franciscan Priest, Disciple of St. Bonaventure
Francis Xavier, Jesuit Missionary Priest
Francis Xavier Bianchi, Barnabite Priest, “Apostle to Naples”
Francis Xavier Can Nguyen. Vietnamese Catechist and Martyr
Francis Xavier Seelos, Redemporise Missionary to New Orleans
Francisco Marto, Visionary of Fatima
Franco (Frank) Lippi, Carmelite Priest Mystic
Frederic Janssoone, Franciscan Priest
Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht, Martyr
Frederic Ozanam. Founder of the St. Vincent de Paul Society
Fredlemid (Phelim), Bishop of Kilmore
Frigidian (Frediano), Irish Missionary, Bishop of Lucca
Fridolin, Irish Apostle to the Upper Rhein
Fulcran, Bishop of Lodeve
Fulgentius, Bishop of Ruspe in Africa
Fursey of Peronne, Irish Missionary to England and France
Fuscien (Fuscianus), Missionary Martyred near Amiens

Gabinus, Priest and Martyr, Father of St. Susanna of Rome
Gabriel Lalement, Jesuit Priest, North American Martyr
Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Passionist Priest
Galdino Della Scala, Archbishop of Milan
Galganus (Galgano Guidotti), Hermit, Confessor
Gall, Abbot
Galla, Martyred in Corinth
Gallicanus, Roman Officer, Martyred in Egypt
Gangulph of Varennes, Martyr
Gaon (Godo) Founding Abbot of Fontanelle Abbey, Normandy
Gaspar del Bufalo, Founder of the Society of the Precious Blood
Gatianus, First Bishop of Tours
Gaudiosus, Martyr
Gaudentius, Bishop of Verona
      George, Soldier and Martyr
      Geminianus of Sirmium, Martyr
      Gemma Galgani, Mystic who had the stigmata
Genesius the Comedian, Martyr
Genesius (Genest), 37th Archbishop of Lyons
Genevieve, Virgin. Patroness of Paris
Gentien (Gentianus), Missionary Martyred near Amiens
George, Soldier and Martyr
George Beesley, English Secular Priest, Martyr
Georges Darboy, Archbishop of Paris, Martyred by the Paris Commune May 24, 1871
Gerald (Géraud), Count of Aurillac
Gerard (Gellert) Sagredo of Csanad, Bishop and Martyr
Gerard Majella, Redemptorist Brother
Gerold, 15th Abbot of Fontanelle, Bishop of Evreux
Gereon, Soldier and Martyr
Germain (Germanus), Bishop of Auxerre
Germain (Germanus), Bishop of Paris
Germaine Cousin of Pibrac, Virgin
German of Solovki, Russian Hegumen
Germanus, Bishop of Capua
Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople
Gertrude, Abbess of Nivelles
Gertrude the Great, Benedictine Mystic
Gervase, Martyr
Getulius of Rome, Husband of St. Symphorosa, Martyr
Ghislain, Confessor
Gilbert, Norbertine Abbot of Neuffontaines
Gilbert of Sempringham, Priest and Founder of the Gilbertines
Gildas the Wise, English Abbot and Writer
Giles (Aegidius), Confessor (3)
Giles (Aegidius) of Assisi, 3rd Disciple of St. Francis
Girolamo (Jerome) Savonarola, Dominican Priest, Burned at the Stake
Gleb, Prince of Kiev, Martyr
Glicerio Landriani, Piarist Priest
Goar of Aquitaine, Priest, Hermit
Godfrey (Godefridus) Van Duynen, Secular Priest, One of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Godehard (Gottard), bishop of Hildesheim
Gordianus of Rome, Martyr
Gorgonius of Nicomedia, Martyr
Gorgonius of Rome, Martyr
Gottfried (Godfrey) of Kappenberg, Norbertine Priest
Grata, Martyr
Gratianus, Martyr
Gregory I (the Great) Pope and Father of the Church (3)
Gregory II, Pope
Gregory X, Pope
Gregory Barbarigo, First Bishop of Bergamo, Cardinal Bishop of Padua
Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Missionary to Armenia
Gregory of Spoleto, Priest and Martyr
Gregory, Bishop of Tours, Historian of the Church of Gaul
Gregory, Bishop (of Langres, or perhaps of Tours)
Gregory of Nazianzus, Patriarch of Constantinople and Father of the Church
Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop and Father of the Church
Gregory Thaumaturgos (the Wonder Worker), Bishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus
Grimoaldo of the Purification (born Ferdinando Santamaria), Passionist Religious
Grimonia (Germana, Germaine), Irish virgin, martyred near Soissons, France
Gualterius (Gautier, Walter) Abbot of Pontoise
Gudula, Virgin, Patroness of Brussels
Gudwall, Welsh Bishop of St. Malo
Guido Maria Conforti, Archbishop of Ravenna, Bishop of Parma, Founded the Xaverians
Gummar (Guntmar), Knight, Founder of Lierre Monastery
Gundelind, (Gwendolyn) Abbess of Niedermünster
Gundulph, Bishop of Metz
Guy of Anderlecht, Confessor
Guy de Fontgalland, “Angel of the Eucharist”

Hamo (Aymo) of Savigny, Benedictine Monk
Hedda, Bishop of the West Saxons, Abbot of Malmesbury
Hedwig (Jadwiga), Queen of Poland
Hedwig, Duchess of Silesia
Helena, Empress, Mother of Constantine I
Heliodorus, Martyr
Helladius, Bishop
Henry, English Bishop of Upsala, Sweden, Apostle to Finland, Martyr
Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry Suso (Heinrich Seuse), Dominican Priest, Great German Mystic
Herculanus, Soldier and Martyr
Hermann Joseph, Norbertine Priest
Hermenegild, Visigothic Prince, Martyr
Hermes, Greek, Martyred in Rome
Hermogenes, Patriarch of Moscow, Martyr
Hilarion, Martyr
Hilarion the Great, of Gaza in Palestine
Hilarion, Greek Metropolitan of Kiev
Hilarius, Bishop of Mainz, Martyr
Hilarius, Bishop of Aquilaea
Hilary, Martyr
Hilary, Greek Martyr
Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Father of the Church
Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
Hildegard of Bingen, Benedictine Abbess, Mystic, Composer, Physician
Himerius, Bishop of Ameria and Martyr
Hippolytus of Rome, Soldier and Martyr
Hippolytus of Rome, Theologian, Priest, for eighteen years an Anti-pope, Martyr
Holy Cross of Christ
Holy Innocents (one of them)
Holy Maccabee Children (one of them)
Homobonus Tucenghi of Cremona, Confessor
Honestus of Nimes, Priest, Missionary to Navarre, Martyred in Pamplona
Honoratus (Onorato) Bishop of Milan
Honoratus (Honoré), Founding Abbot of Lérins, Bishop of Arles
Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury
Honorius, Martyred at Gerona
Honorius, Martyr
Hormisdas, Pope
Hrabanus Maurus, Bishop of Mainz
Hubert, Monk of Bretigny, Confessor
Hugh of Avalon, Bishop of Lincoln
Hugh Canefro, Priest and Chaplain of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem
Hugh the Great, Abbot of Cluny
Hugh, Bishop of Grenoble
Little Hugh of Lincoln, boy whose murder was falsely charged to the Jews
Hugo Uguccio Lippi, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Humbeline, sister of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Benedictine Abbess of Jully-les-Nonnais
Hyacinth of Rome, Brother of Protus, Martyr
Hyacinth (Jacek) Odrowaz, Dominican Priest
Hyacintha Mariscotti, Franciscan Nun
Hyginus, Pope

Ida of Herzfeld, widow and foundress
Idesbald, Cistercian Abbot of Ten Duinen
Iduberga (Itta, Ida) of Schelde, Wife of Pepin of Landen the Elder
(Clemente) Ignacio Delgado Cebrian, Spanish Dominican Priest, Martyred in Vietnam
Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop, Martyr, and Apostolic Father
Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus, Jesuits
Ignatius Laconi, Capuchin Priest
Ignatius of Santhia, Capuchin Priest, who worked in Turin
Ignatius Brianchininov, Russian monk from Vologda
Ignatius Shoukrallah Maloyan, Armenian Catholic Archbishop of Mardin, Martyr
Ildefonsus, Bishop of Toledo
Illuminata of Ravenna, Virgin
Imelda Lambertini, Dominican Nun
Innocent, Bishop martyred in Rome
Ippolito (Hippolytus) Galantini, Lay Man, Founder of the Italian Doctrinaires
Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop, Martyr, and Father of the Church
Irene of Rome, friend and healer of St. Sebastian
Irene, Virgin and Martyr
Irmengard, Abbess of Chiemsee
Irmina, Abbess of Oeren
Isaac of Dalmatia, Abbot of the oldest monastery in Constantinnople, Patron of the Cathedral of St. Petersburg, Russia
Isaac, Abbot of Monteluco, near Spoleto
Isaac, Syrian Bishop of Nineveh
Isabel (Elizabeth), Queen of Portugal
Isabelle of France, Sister of St. Louis, Poor Clare Abbess
Isaiah, Second Bishop of Rostov
Isidore, Farmer
Isidore of Chios, Soldier and Martyr
Isidore, Bishop of Seville and Father of the Church
Isidore of St. Joseph (de Loor), Passionist lay brother
Israel of Dorat, Augustinian Priest, confessor
Ita of Killeedy, Irish Abbess
Ives (Yves, Ivo, Yvo) Helory, of Kermartin, Brittany, Lawyer and Priest

Jacinta Marto, Visionary of Fatima
Jacopo da Voragine (James of Voraigne), Dominican Archbishop of Genoa, Author of the Golden Legend
Jacopone da Todi, Franciscan Mystic, Poet, and Writer, Author of the “Stabat Mater”
Jacques Chastan, Priest of the Parish Foreign Mission Society, Martyred in Korea
James the Greater, Apostle
James the Lesser, Apostle
James, Deacon, Martyr of Numidia, Companion of St. Marian (Marianus)
James Philip (Giacomo Filippo) Bertoni, Servite Priest
James Kisai, Jesuit Martyr of Nagasaki
James of Cittá della Piave, “the Almoner”, Servite martyr (Giacomo Elemosiniere)
James de Menavia, Dominican Theologian
James (Giacomo) Salomoni, Dominican Priest, Patron of those with Cancer and tumors
Januarius (Genarro), Bishop of Benevento and Martyr
Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) Antide Thouret, Foundress of the Daughters of St. Vincent de Paul
Jeanne-Elizabeth Bichier-des-Ages, Nun, Foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross
Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame of the Immaculate Conception of Castres
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) of Valois, Queen, Foundress of the Order of the Annonciades
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) Françoise de Chantal, Widow, Foundress of the Visitation Order    
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) of Toulouse, Carmelite nun
Jeremiah (John) Kostistik of Valachia, Romanian Franciscan – First Romanian Beatified
Jerome Aemiliani, Priest, Founder of the Order of Somoscha (took care of orphans)
Jerome Ranucci, Servite Superior
Jerome, Priest and Father of the Church
Jerzy Popieluszko, Murdered “Solidarity” Priest
Joachim, Father of the Virgin Mary
Joachim Piccolonieri, Servite Confessor
Job, Confessor
Johann Philipp Jeningen, Jesuit Priest
John, Apostle and Evangelist
John the Baptist
John Beche (a.k.a. Thomas Marshall) Benedictine, Last Abbot of Colthester, Martyr
John I, Pope
John of Rome, Martyr
John Almond, English Secular Priest, Martyr
John V “The Almoner”, Chalcedonian Patriarch of Alexandria
John Baptist De La Salle, priest, founder of the Christian Brothers
John Baptist Scalabrini, Bishop of Piacenza, Founder of the Missionaries of St. Charles
John Berchmans, Jesuit Novice
John Boste, English Secular Priest, Martyr
John Bosco, Priest and Founder of the Salesians
John de Brebeuf, Jesuit Priest, North American Martyr
John Camillus the Good (“Bonus”), Bishop of Milan
John of Capistrano, Franciscan Priest
John Climacus, Confessor
John of the Cross, Carmelite Priest, Mystic, and Doctor of the Church
John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople and Father of the Church
John of Damascus, Monk and Father of the Church
John Duns Scotus, Franciscan Priest, Theologian, the “Subtle Doctor”
John the Dwarf, Abbot of Skete, Egypt
John Eudes, Priest, Founder of the Sisterhood of Our Lady of Charity of the Refuge and the Society of Jesus and Mary
John Francis Regis, Jesuit Priest
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester and Martyr
John Gabriel Perboyre, Vincentian Priest, Missionary, Martyred in China
John of God, Founder of the Brothers Hospitallers
      John of Gorze, Benedictine Abbot
John Gualbert, Abbot
      John Henry Newman
John Kanti (Cantius), Priest
John of Kronstadt, Russian Orthodox Priest, Famous Preacher and Wodnderworker
John Licci, Sicilian Dominican Priest
      John of Lycopolis, Egyptian Hermit
John of Matha, Priest, Founder of the Trinitarian Order
John Nepomucene, Priest, Vicar General of Prague, Martyr
John Neumann, Bishop of Philadelphia
John Henry Newman, English Cardinal, book, report card, letter and envelope
John Soan de Goto
John I, Pope
John XXIII, Pope, two post cards
John Paul II, Pope, Bible, photo, book
John Theophane Venard, Priest of the Society of Foreign Missions, Martyred in Viet Nam
John Vianney (Cure’of Ars) Priest, Patron of Parish Priests
Jolanta (Helen) Queen of Poland, Nun
Jolus of Sellano, Hermit and Confessor
Jonah, Metropolitan of Kiev, Patriarch of Moscow
Jordan (Giordano) of Saxony, Dominican, Second Superior General of the Order
Josaphat Kuncewicz, Archbishop of Polotsk and Martyr
Josaphata Michaelina Hordashevska, Ukrainian foundress of the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate
Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio, Boy Martyr of the Mexican Cristero Persecution
Jose Maria Escriva Belguer, Priest, Founder of Opus Dei
Joseph, Spouse of Our Lady
Joseph, Spouse of Our Lady, (Part of Cloak)
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph Allamano, Priest, Diocese of Turin, Founder of the Consolata Missionaries
Joseph Bartholomew Menochio, Augustinian Archbishop
Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, Priest, Founder of the Little House of Divine Providence
Joseph Calsanctius, Priest, Founder of the Clerks Regular of Religious Schools, Piarists (2)
Joseph of Cupertino, Capuchin Priest
Joseph of Leonessa, Capuchin Priest
Joseph Moscati, Neapolitan Physician
Joseph Tshang-ta-Pong, Chinese Catechist and Martyr
Joseph Volotsky, Russian monk
Josephine Bakhita, Daughter of Charity of Canossa
Mary Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago (Lemont)
Josephine Leroux, Ursuline Nun, guillotined with 10 other Ursulines in 1794
Jovita of Brescia, Martyr
Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, who saw Our Lady of Guadalupe
Jucunda, Martyr
Jucundia, Martyr
Jucundina, Martyr
Jucundianus, Martyr
Jucundus, Martyr
Judas Cyriacus, 15th and last Bishop of old Jerusalem, Martyr
Jude Thaddeus the Apostle
Judicael (Judhael, Giguel), King of Armorica (Brittany), Monk at St. Méel
Julia of Corsica, Virgin and Martyr
Julian, Martyr
Julian, Martyr
Julian of Brioude, Martyr
Julian, Archbishop of Toledo, First Primate of Spain and Portugal (Iberian Peninsula)
Juliana Falconieri, Servite Nun
Juliana of Liège, Augustinian Nun, established the feast of Corpus Christi
Juliana of Nicomedia, Virgin and Martyr
Juliana of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Julitta (Julieta) of Tarsus, Martyr
Julius I, Pope
Julius, Martyred at Gelduba in Thrace
Julius of Rome, Senator and Martyr
Junilla, Martyred in Cappadocia, Venerated at Langres
Jumeaux (“twins”, probably it should be “Trijumeaux” – triplets, for the three brothers, Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Melasippus, who were Martyred with their grandmother Leonilla in Cappadocia and were venerated in Langres)
Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevicius, Bishop of Vilnius
Justa of Seville, Virgin and Martyr
Justin Martyr, Apologist
Justina of Antioch, Martyr
Justina of Padua, Virgin and Martyr
Justinian (Iestin), Breton Hermit Martyred in Wales
Justinus, Martyr
Justinus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Justus, Archbishop of Canterbury
Justus of Trieste, Soldier and Martyr
Juvenal, First Bishop of Narni

Kateri Tekakwitha, First Native American (Mohawk/Algonquin) Saint
Katharine Marie Drexel, Foundress of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
Keyne (Kenwyn) Welsh Hermitess in Cornwall
Kilian, Irish bishop, martyred near Würzburg
Kinga, Queen of Poland, Poor Clare
Korean Martyrs Prayer Cloth Nun

Lactantius, Martyr
Ladislaus (Laszlo), King of Hungary
Laetitia (Leticia, Letizia), Virgin and Martyr
Laetus (Lié) of Orleans, Hermit
Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht, Patron of Liege, Martyr
Landericus (Landry) Bishop of Meaux
Landoald, Lombard Confessor and Bishop, Missionary Companion of St. Remaclus
Landrada, Founder and Abbess of Munsterbilzen Abbey
Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury
Largus, Martyr
Laurent Imbert, Bishop of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, Martyred in Korea
Lawrence of Brindisi, Capuchin Priest
Lawrence of Rome, Deacon and Martyr
Lawrence Giustiniani, Patriarch of Venice
Lawrence (Lorcan) O’Toole, Archbishop of Dublin
Lazarus of Bethany (said to have become the First Bishop of Marseilles)
Lea of Rome, Abbess
Leander, Bishop of Seville
Lebwin (Leofwine), Anglo-Saxon Missionary to Frisia, Patron of Deventer
Leo, Martyr
Leo I (the Great), Pope and Father of the Church
Leo II, Pope
Leo II, Bishop of Catania, Confessor
Leo IX, Pope
Leocadia, Virgin and Martyr
Leodegarius (Leger) Bishop of Autun and Martyr
Leonard Kimura, Jesuit Lay Brother, one of the Martyrs of Nagasaki
Leonard Murialdo, Priest, Founder of the Society of St. Joseph
Leonard of Port Maurice, Franciscan
Leonard of Reresby, Yorkshire, Confessor
Leonardus Van Veghel, Pastor of Gorkum, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Leonilla, Martyred in Cappadocia, Venerated at Langres
Leontia, Virgin and Martyr
Leontius, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia
Leontius of Rome, Martyr
Leopardus, First Bishop of Osimo
Leopold IV, Margrave of Austria
Leopold of Caiche, Capuchin Priest
Leopoldo (Bogdan) Mandić, Croatian Capuchin Priest, died in Padua
Leucius, First Bishop of Brindisi, lead seal, made between 1000 and 1200
Liberata, Virgin and Martyr
Liberatus, Abbot martyred at Carthage
Liberius, Bishop of Poitiers
Liberius III, Bishop of Ravenna
Liborius, Bishop of Le Mans
Liduina (Elisa Angela) Meneguzzi, Sister of St. Fracis de Sales, missionary to Ethiopia
Linus, Pope and Martyr
Livinus (Lebwin), Apostle of Flanders, Bishop of Ghent, Martyr
Longinus, Centurion at the Crucifixion and Martyr
Lorenzo Ruiz, Martyr, First Filipino Saint
Lothar, Bishop of Séez
Louis Aleman, Cardinal Archbishop of Arles
Louis of Anjou, Franciscan Bishop of Toulouse
Louis (Luis) Bertrand, Dominican Priest, Missionary to South America
Louis IX, King of France
Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, Founder of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary
Louis Martin, Father of St. Therese of Lisieux
Louis-Zepherin Moreau, Bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe, Founder of the Sisters of St. Martha and St. Joseph
Louise de Marillac, Foundress of the Daughters of Charity
Loup (Lupus = Wolf), Bishop of Troyes
Lubin (Leobinus), Bishop of Chartres
Lucia dos Santos, Sr. Lucia, who saw Our Lady of Fatima
Lucian of Antioch, Priest and Martyr
Lucidus, Italian Benedictine Monk
Lucien, First Bishop of Beauvais, Martyr
Lucina, Roman Matron
Lucius I, Pope and Martyr
Lucy, Virgin and Martyr
Lucy Brocadelli of Narni, Dominican Mystic and Stigmatic
Ludan, Irish Pilgrim, Confessor
Ludger, 1st Bishop of Münster
Ludmila, Duchess of Bohemia, Martyr, Grandmother of St. Wenceslaus
Ludovic Frarrijn (Luis Flores) Flemish Dominican Priest, Martyr of Nagasaki
Lugilianus, British pilgrim, murdered in France
Luigi Orione, Priest, Founder of the Sons of Divine Providence
Luigi Versiglia, Salesian Missionary Bishop in China
Luke the Evangelist
Lutgardis, Cistercian mystic
Lydia of Thyatira, Disciple of St. Paul at Philippi

Macarius of Ghent,
Macarius the Great (the Elder), Abbot of Skete, Egypt
Macarius, Martyr
Macarius, a Lybian martyred in Alexandria
Macarius of Kanevv (of Ordez), Fouonder of the Church of the Dormition in Ordez
Machar, Bishop of Aberdeen, Apostle of the Picts
Machutus, Welsh Bishop of Aleth (Maclou or Malo of Brittany)
Macra (Magra), Virgin martyred near Rheims
Macrina the Younger, Church Mother, sister of Basil, Gregory of Nyssa, & Peter of Sebaste
Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Madames of the Sacred Heart
Magdalene of Cannossa, Foundress of the Connossan Daughters of Charity
Magnus, Governor of the Orkneys and Martyr
Magnus of Rome, Deacon and Martyr
Magnus, Bishop of Trani, Martyr
Malachy O’More, Archbishop of Armagh and Cistercian
Mamas of Caesarea, Martyr
Mamertus, Archbishop of Vienne
Mande (Manudez)
Manettus dell’ Antella, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Mansuetus (Mansuy), First Bishop of Toul
Manuel, Martyr
Marcelina Kotowicz Darowska, Co-foundress of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Marcellian, Martyr
Marcellianus, Martyr
Marcellin Champagnat, Priest, Founder of the Marist Brothers
Marcellina of Trier, Virgin, Sister of St. Ambrose
Marcellinus, Pope and Martyr
Marcellinus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Marcellinus, Bishop of Embrun
Marcellinus, Bishop of Puy-en-Velay
Marcellus I, Pope
Marcellus of Rome, Martyr
Marcianus, First Bishop of Tortona, Martyr
Marek Krizin (Korosy of Krizevacanin), Croatian Priest, Martyred in Košice, Slovakia
Margaret (Marina) of Antioch, Virgin and Martyr
Margaret Mary Alacoque, Visionary Nun of the Visitation Order
Margaret of Cortona, Penitent, Franciscan Nun
Margaret Plantagenet Pole, Countess of Salisbury, Martyr
Margaret Sinclair (Mary Frances of the Five Wounds), Scottish Poor Clare
Margaret, Queen of Scotland
Marguerite Bourgeoys, Founders of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame
Marguerite D’Youville, Widow, Foundress of the Grey Nuns, Canada’s First Saint
Maria of the Angels (Maria Fontanella), Carmelite Nun
Maria Bertilla Boscardin, Nursing Nun, Member of the Teachers of St. Dorothy
Maria Di Mattias, Foundress of the Adorers of the Precious Blood
Maria (Paula) di Rosa, Superior of the Handmaids of Charity
Maria Gabriella Sagheddu, Italian Trappistine Nun
Maria Goretti, Martyr
Maria Sagrario de San Luis Gonzaga, Spanish Carmelite Prioress, Martyr
Maria Teresia Ledóchowska, Foundress of the Sodality of St. Peter Claver for the African Missions and the Liberation of Slaves
Maria Josefa (Benedetta) Rossello, Foundress of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy
Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus, Sancho de Guerra, First Basque Saint
Maria Angela (Sophia Camille) Truszkowska, Foundress of the Felician Sisters
Mariam of Jesus Crucified Bouardy, Carmelite Mystic
Marian (Marianus), Lector, Martyr of Numidia, Companion of St. James
Marie Anne (Esther) Blandin, Canadian, Foundess of the Sisters of St. Anne
Marie Celine (Jeanne-Germaine) Chastang, Poor Clare Nun
Marie d’Oignies of Nivelles, Beguine
Marie-Euphrasie Pelletier, Foundress of the Institute of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Marie Rivier, Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation
(Marietta) Maria Terese Fasce of Cascia, Augustinian Nun
Marina of Omura, Japanese Dominican Tertiary, Martyr
Marinus, Martyr
Marinus or Rome, Martyr
Mark the Evangelist
Mark, Martyr
Mark, Martyr
Mark, Pope
Marquard, Bishop of Hildesheim, Martyr
Martha of Bethany (vestibule of the large church and under her painting)
Martial, First Bishop of Limogues
Martianus, Bishop of Benevento
Martin I, Pope
Martin de Porres, Dominican Lay Brother
Martin, Bishop of Tours
Martin of Vertou, Abbot
Martin, Bishop of Vienne
Martina of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Martinian of Caesarea, Palestinian Hermit, died in Athens
Martha of Bethany  
Martha of Persia, Virgin and Martyr
Martyrs of the Armenian Holocaust of 1915
Martyrs of Cuncolim, India, July 15, 1583
        Rudolph (Rodolfo) Aquaviva, Jesuit Missionary Priest
        Peter Berno
        Alphonsus (Alfonso) Pacheco
        Anthony Francis
        Francis Aranha
Martyr of Gorkum
3 Carmelite Martyrs of Guadalajara
        Maria Pilar of St. Francis Borgia
        Teresa of the Infant Jesus
        Maria Angeles of St. Joseph
Martyr of Trier
Martyrs, 10,000 of Persia
Martyrs of Nowogrodek, Poland, sisters (11 Holy Family of Nazareth Sisters)
        Adela Mardosewicz (M. Stella) Superior, age 54
        Anna Kokolowicz (M. Rajmunda) age 50
        Jadwiga Karolina Zak (M. Imelda) age 50
        Eleonora Aniela Jozwik (M. Daniela) age 48
        Jozefa Chrobot (M. Kanuta) age 47
        Helena Cierpka (M. Gwidona) age 43
        Julia Rapiej (M. Sergia) age 42
        Eugenia Mackiewicz (M. Kanizja) age 39
        Paulina Borowik (M. Felicyta) age 37
        Leokadia Matuszewska (M. Heliodora) age 37
        Weronika Narmontowicz (M. Boromea) age 26
Martyrs of Otranto
Martyrs of the Paris Commune – 5 Jesuit Priests
        Pierre Olivaint
A. Clerc
L .Ducoudray
J. Caubert
A. De Bengny
      Scillitan Martyrs
      Martyrs of Sebaste
Martyrs of Shanxi, China, sisters (7 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary)
        Anna Dierk (Maria Adolphina)
        Anne Moreau (Marie of Saint-Just)
        Clelia Nanetti (Maria Clara)
        Irma Grivot (Marie Ermellina of Jesus)
        Jeanne-Marie Kuergin (Marie of Sainte-Nathalie)
        Marianna Giulianni (Maria of Peace)
        Pauline Jeuris (Marie Amandine)
      Martyrs of Spoleto
Martyrs of Thailand
        Philip Siphong, “the man of oak”, lay religious leader of Songkhon
        Agnes Phila, nun, a member of the Congregation of the Lovers of the Cross
        Lucia Khambang, nun, a member of the same congregation
        Agatha Phutta, unmarried woman, helper in the kitchen
        Bibiana Khamphai, age fifteen
        Maria Phon, age fourteen
        Cecilia Butsi, age sixteen
Martyrs of Viet Nam
        Peter DuMoulin Borie, French Bishop
        Jean Charles Cornay, French Priest
        Jean Louis Bonnard, Frech Priest
        Augustin Schoeffer, French Priest
        Francois Jaccard, French Priest
        John Gabriel Perboyre, French Priest
        Peter Le Tuy, Priest
        Martin Ta Du Thih, Priest
        Peter Nguyen Dich Laic, Priest
        Peter Truong Van Duong, Catechist
Martyrs of Viet Nam
        Valentine Berriochoa, O.P., Basque Bishop
        Jacinto Castaneda, O.P., Spanish Priest
        Peter Almato’ i. Ribera, O.P., Catalonian Priest
        Jerome Hermosilla, Spanish Bishop
        Matthew Alonzo Leziniona, O.P., Spanish Priest
        Vicente Liem de la Paz
        Joseph Khang, physician
        Francis Gil de Federich, O.P., Catalonian Priest
        Joseph Canh Luang Hoang
        Joseph Vien Dinh Dang
        Thomas De Van Nguyen
Maruthas, Bishop of Maiperkat (Tagrit), Mesopotamia
Mary of Bethany
Mary of Cleophas
Mary of the Divine Heart (Maria Droste zu Vischering) Sister of the Good Shepherd
Mary of Egypt, Penitent
Mary Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago
Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad, Foundress, Returned the Brigittines to Sweden
Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles
Mary Magdalene dei Pazzi, Carmelite Mystic
Mary Mazzarello, Foundress of the Salesian Sisters
      Mary Magdalene (Julia Frances Catherine) Postel, Foundress of the Daughters of Mercy
      Matilda, Queen of Germany
Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
Matthew Talbot, Patron of Alcoholics
Matthia De Nazzarei, Poor Clare Abbess
Matthias the Apostle
Matthias Molumba, Ugandan Martyr
Maternus, Bishop of Cologne
Maughold (Macaldus), Former Pirate, Bishop, Patron of the Isle of Man
Maurice, Solider and Martyr
Maurus, Benedictine Abbot of Subiaco
Maxima, Martyr
Maximilian (Raymond) Kolbe, Conventual Franciscan Priest, Martyred in Auschwicz
      Maximilian of Tebessa, Martyr, Numidian Soldier, Conscientious Objector
Maximus the Confessor (Homologetes), Abbot and Father of the Church
Maximus, Bishop of Mainz
Mayeul, Abbot of Cluny
Medard, Bishop of Noyon and Tournai
Méen, (Mevennus), Welsh Abbot, who founded the St. Méen Abbey in Brittany
Melaine (Melanius), Bishop of Vannes, Brittany
Meinrad of Einsiedeln, Swiss Hermit
Melania the Younger,
Melanius, Bishop
Melchior Grodecz (Grodziecky), Czech Jesuit Priest, martyred in Košice, Slovakia
Menehould, Virgin
Mercurius of Cappadocia, Soldier, the Great Martyr
Meritus of Mauretania, Soldier and Martyr
Methodius, Bishop, Brother of Cyril, Missionary to the Slavs
Michael of Klopov, Russian Fool for Christ
Michael Rua, Salesian Priest, dear friend of St. John Bosco
Michael de Sanctis, Trinitarian Priest and Ecstatic
Michael Joseph McGivney, American Priest, Founder of the Knights of Columbus
M. Michaela Desmaisieres y Lopez de Dicastillo, Foundress of the Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament
Miguel Augustin Pro, Mexican Jesuit Martyr
Miguel Febres Cordero, Ecuadoran Christian Brother
Milburga, Abbess of Wenlock, sister of St. Mildred
Mildred, Benedictine Abbess of Minster-at-Thanet, Sister of St. Milburga
Miltiades (Melchiades), Pope and Martyr
Minias (Miniato) of Florence, Soldier, Martyr
Moderan (Moran), Bishop of Rennes, Brittany
Modestinus, Martyr
Modestus, Martyr
Monica, Widow and Mother of St. Augustine of Hippo
Mutien-Marie (Mucian Maria) Wiaux, Belgian Brother of Christian Schools
Mychal Judge, Franciscan Fire Chaplain, first registered victim of 9/11, “Saint of 9/11”

Nabor, Roman Soldier and Martyr
Narcissus, Bishop of Gerona, Martyr, Apostle to Augsburg
Natalia, Wife of St. Adrian and Martyr
Nectarios of Aegina, Metropolitan of Pentopolis
Nectarius, Confessor, Companion of St. Austremonius
Neemtallah Kassab El Hardeeny (born Joseph Kassab), Maronite Priest
Neon, Martyred in Cappadocia, venerated in Langres
Nereus of Rome, Praetorian Guard, Martyr
Nicander, Bishop of Myra, Martyr
Nicasius, Bishop of Rheims, Martyr
Nicasius Jonson Van Heeze, Franciscan Priest, One of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople
Nicetius (Nizier). Bishop of Lyon
Nicetius, Bishop of Trier
Nicholas Albergati, Bishop of Bologna
Nicholas of Cusa, Prince-Bishop of Brixen, philosopher, theologian, jurist, astronomer
Nicholas of Flue, Swiss Hermit
Nicholas of Myra (and Bari – “Santa Claus”) Bishop
Nicholas Pelegrinus (the Pilgrim)
Nicholas of Pskov, Russian Fool for Christ
Nicholas of Tolentino, Augustinian Priest
Nicodemus of Meteoron, Martyr
Nicomedes of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Nonnosus, Benedictine Abbot
Norbert, Bishop of Magdeburg, Founder of the Norbertines (Premonstratensians)
Notburga, Cook, Patroness of Servants and Peasants

Octavius, Martyr, Patron of Turin
Oda, Widow, Foundress of St. George Church and hospice at Hamay-les-Marchiennes
Oduvald, Abbot of Melrose
Odilia, (Ottilia), abbess of Odielienburg, Patroness of Alsace
Odilo, Abbot of Cluny
Odilo, Abbot of Stavelot and Malmedy
Odo (Oda), Archbishop of Canterbuty
Odrada, Virgin, of Haelen (Hertogenbosch), Netherlands
Odulph, Canon of Utrecht
Olaf, King of Norway
Olga, Princess of Kiev
Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh and Martyr
Olympias, Consular Prefect of Ameria, Martyr
Olympius, Tribune and Martyr
Olympias of Constantinople, Widow and Deaconess
Onuphrius (Humphrey) “the Great”, Hermit
Orestes of Tyana, Cappadocia, Physician and Martyr
Osanna Andreassi of Mantua, Dominican Nun
Osmund, Bishop of Old Sarum (Salisbury)
Oswald, Bishop of Worcester, Archbishop of York
Oswald, King of Northumbria, Martyr
Oswin, King of Northumbria and Martyr
Ouen (Owen, Audoenus), Archbishop of Rouen

Pachomius of Tabenna, Egypt, Abbot
Pamphilus of Caesarea, Martyr
Pancratius of Rome, Martyr
Pantaleon, Martyr
Papias, Bishop of Hieropolis, Father of the Church, Martyr
Paphnutius of Borovsk, Hegumen of the Monastery of the Mother of God at Vysok
Pascal Baylon, Franciscan Lay Brother
Pastor or Rome, Martyr
Patricia of Naples (of Constatinople) nun
Patrick, Bishop, Missionary to Ireland, and Father of the Church
Patritius, Martyr
Paola Elizabetta Cerioli, Foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bergamo
Paul the Apostle
Paul of Rome, Martyr
Paul Burali d’Arezzo, Archbishop of Naples
Paul of Thebes, the First Hermit
Paul I, Patriarch of Constantinople
Paul of the Cross, Priest and Founder of the Passionist Order
Paul of Hungary, Dominican Missionary and Martyr
Paul Miki, Martyr of Nagasaki
Paula, Virgin and Martyr
Paula Frassinetti, Foundress of the Sisters of St. Dorothy
Paula, Roman Matron, Mother of St. Eustochium Julia, Friend of St. Jerome
Paulina, Virgin and Martyr
Pauline Von Mallinckrodt, Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Christian Charity
Paulinus, last Bishop of Capua Veteria
Paulinus II, Patriarch of Aquilaea
Paulinus of Nola, Bishop and Father of the Church
Pepin of Landen the Elder, Father of Sts. Gertrude of Nivelles and Bavo
Pelagius (Pelayo), martyred at Cordoba
Pelagius, Martyr
Peregrine Laziosi, Servite Pries, Patron of those with Cancer
Peregrinus of Apollonia, Martyr
Peris “the Cardinal”, patron of Llanberis, Wales
Perpetua of Carthage, Martyr
Perpetua, Virgin and Martyr
Peter the Apostle
Peter of Alcantara, Franciscan Priest
Peter, Patriarch of Alexandria, Martyr
Peter of Rome, Exorcist and Martyr
Peter Berna, Jesuit Priest, Martyred in India
Peter Canisius, Jesuit Priest and Doctor of the Church
Peter Chanel, Marist Priest, Apostle to Oceania, Martyr
Peter Chrysologus, Bishop of Ravenna, Father of the Church
Peter Claver, Jesuit Priest
Peter Damian, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia, Doctor of the Church
Peter Gonzalez (Gundisalvus, Telmo), Dominican
Peter Julien Eymard, Priest, Founder of the Order of the Blessed Sacrament
Peter Fourier, Augustinian Canon, Founder of the Canonesses Regular of St. Augustine
Peter Nolasco, Priest, Founder of the Order of Our Lady of Ransom
Peter Orscelolo, Doge of Venice
Peter Regalatus, Reformed Franciscan Friar
Peter, Bishop of Sebaste, Brother of Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa
Peter of Verona, Dominican Priest and Martyr
Petronilla, Virgin and Martyr
Petronius, Bishop of Bologna
      Petrus Joseph Savelberg, Priest, founder of the Little Sisters of St. Joseph
      Phanxico Xavie (Francis Xavier) Nguyen Van Thuan, Cardinal Archbishop of Saigon
Philaret, Patriarch of Moscow
Philip the Apostle
Philip the Deacon
Philip, Martyr
Philip Benizi, Servite Priest
Philip Neri, Priest , Founder of the Oratory
Philomena, Virgin and Martyr
Phoca, Martyr
Piatus (Piat), Priest, Martyred near Tournai
Pierina Morosini, Virgin and Martyr
Pierre Maubant, Priest of the Parish Foreign Mission Society, Martyred in Korea
Pierre-René Rogue, Vicnentian (Lazarist) priest, Martyr
Pirmin, Irish Regionary Bishop, Founded Reichenau
Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin Stigmatic and Mystic
Pius I, Pope and Martyr  
Pius V, Dominican Pope
Pius IX, Pope
Pius X, Pope
Pius XII, a zucchetto he wore
Placida, Virgin and Martyr
Placidus, Disciple of St. Benedict
Placidus, Martyr
Placidus of Dissentis, Swiss Martyr
Plautilla, Widow, Mother of Flavia Domitilla, sister of Senator Flavius Clemens
Plutarch of Alexandria, Disciple of Origen, Companion of Serenus, Martyr
Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, Father of the Church, Martyr
Polyeuctos of Militene, Soldier and Martyr
Pompilius Maria Pirotti, Piarist Priest, Reformer
Pomponius, 20th Bishop of Naples
Pontian, Pope, Martyr
Ponziano (Pontian) of Spoleto, Martyr
Porphyrius the Actor, Martyr
Pothinus (Pothin), Bishop of Lyon, Martyr
Praxedes of Rome, Virgin
Primus, Martyr
Prisca of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Priscilla, Matron
Primus of Rome, Martyr
Privatus (Privat), Apostle of Gevaudan, First Bishop of Mende, Martyr
Probus, Martyr
Procharius (Porcarius II – Porcaire), Abbot of Lèrins, Martyr
Procopius, Abbot of Sazawa, Bohemia
Procopius, Martyr
Proculus of Bologna, Martyr
Prosper of Aquitaine, Lay Church Father, Disciple of Augustine of Hippo
Protase, Martyr
Protomartyrs of Trier: Bishop Vigilius, Sissinius, Alexander, and Martyrius (one of them)
Protus of Rome, brother of Hyacinth, Martyr
Prudence, Virgin, Augustinian Hermit
Prudentius, Martyr
Pudentiana of Rome, Virgin

Quentin, Martyr
Quintin, Martyr
Quiricus (Kerykus) of Tarsus, Martyr
Quirinus, Martyr
Quirinus of Malmedy, Priest and Martyr
Quirinus of Rome, Tribune and Martyr
Quirinus, Bishop of Sissek in Croatia and Martyr
Quodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage, Father of the Church

Radegonde, Frankish Queen, Foundress of Holy Cross Convent in Poitiers
Rafaela Maria Porras Ayllon, Foundress of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Rafqa  Butrusia (Rebecca Pietra) Choboq Ar-Rayes, Maronite Nun
Raineldis, Virgin and Martyr
Rainierus of Pisa, Monk, Patron of Pisa
Rambert (Ragnobert), Martyr
Raphael Kalinowski
Rath (Rasso) Count of Andechs
Raymond Nonnatus, Mercedarian Priest
Raymond of Penafort, Dominican Priest
Raynald (Reynold, Ronald), Benedictine Bishop of Nocera
Redemptorus of the Cross (Thomas Rodriguez da Cunha), Carmelite, Martyred in Malay
Regina (Reine), Virgin and Martyr
Reinhold (Reinold) Monk, Martyr
Remacle, Abbot of Stavelot, Bishop of Maestricht
Remigius (Remi), First Bishop of Rheims
Remigius, Bishop of Tournai
Remi (Remigius) Isore’, French Jesuit Priest, Martyred in China’s Boxer Rebellion
Rene (Renatus) Goupil, North American Martyr
Reparata, Virgin, Martyred in Caesarea, Palestine
Restituta of Carthage, Virgin and Martyr, Patroness of the First Cathedral of Naples
Ricardo (Erminio Filippo) Pampuri, Brother Hospitaller of St. John of God
Richard, Bishop of Chichester
Richard, English Bishop of Andria, Italy
Rigobert, Bishop of Rheims
Rita (Margarita) of Cascia, Widow and Augustinian Nun
Ritza (Rizza) of Coblenz, nun at St. Kastor nunnery, Coblenz
Robert of Arbissel, Abbot, Founder of the Order of Fontevrault
Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit Cardinal and Theologian
Robert of Molesmes, Co-founder of the Cistercian order – from his arm
Robert, Abbot of Newminster
Roch (Rocco) of Montpellier, Confessor
Rodolfo (Rudolph) Aquaviva, Jesuit Priest Superior, Martyred in India
Romaeus (Romeo), Carmelite Lay Brother
Romanus, Soldier and Martyr
Romanus, Martyr
Romanus, Deacon and Martyr
Romanus of Rome, Martyr
Romanus, Ostiarius of Rome, Martyr
Romanus of Antioch, Martyr
Romanus of Caesarea in Palestine, Deacon and Martyr
Romuald, Abbot, Founder of the Trinitarian Order
Roque Gonzales, Paraguayan Jesuit Missionary, Martyr
Rosa Venerini, Foundress of the first public school for girls in Italy (in Rome)
Rosalia of Palermo
Rosaline (Rossolina) Villeneuve, Carthusian Prioress
Rose Philippine Duchesne
Rose of Lima, Dominican Virgin
Rose of Viterbo, Virgin
Rufina of Rome, Martyr
Rufina, Virgin martyred in Seville
Rufinus (Rufino), First Bishop of Assisi, Martyr
Rufus of Philippi, Martyr
Rupert, Bishop of Salzburg
Rupert Mayer, Jesuit Priest, Outspoken Opponent of the Nazis
Rusticus (Rotiri), bishop of Clermont
Rusticus of Paris, Priest, Martyr, Companion of St. Denis

Sabas, Abbot
Sabina of Rome, Matron and Martyr
Salomea, Queen, Matron, Abbess of the Poor Clares at Zawichost (later moved to Skala)
Salvator of Horta, Spanish Franciscan Brother
Salvinus, Bishop of Maçon
Sara, Egyptian Virgin and Ascetic
Sarah, Patroness of the Romani (Gypsy) people
Saturninus, Carthiginian Priest, Martyred in Rome
Saturninus, Bishop of Verona
Savinus (Sabinus), Bishop of Conosa, Martyr
Scholastica, Foundress of the Benedictine Sisters
Sebbe (Sebba, Sebbi) King of the East Angles, Benedictine Monk
Sebastian, Soldier and Martyr
Sebastian Maggi, Dominican Priest, Reformer
Secunda. Virgin and Martyr
Secundinus, Martyr
Secundus, Martyr
Secundus, Priest, Martyred at Barca, near Alexandria
Senan of Inis Cathaigh (Scattery Island) Irish Abbot/Bishop
Senator, Bishop of Milan
Sennen, Martyr
Seraphim of Sarov, Russian monk and mystic
Seraphina (Fina) of St. Gemignano
Seraphino of Ascoli, Capuchin Priest
Seraphinus of Montegrano, Capuchin Lay Brother
Serapia, Virgin and Martyr
Serapion, Bishop of Thmuis, Egypt, “the Scholastic,” head of the Catechetical School of Alexandria
Serenus, Disciple of Origen, companion of Plutarch, Martyr
Sergius I, Pope
Sergius of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Martyr
Sergius, Soldier and Martyr, Companion of St. Bacchus
Sergius of Radonzeh, Father of Russian Monasticism, Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery
Servanus (Serf), Apostle to the Orkneys
Servatius, 1st Bishop of Tongern and Maastricht
Severianus, Martyr
Severinus, Bishop of Septempeda (now San Severino)
Severinus, Bishop, either of Bordeaux or Cologne
Sibilbald, Bishop of Metz
Sibyllina Biscossi of Pavia, Dominican Tertiary
Sidonius, Roman, Martyred under Aurelian, enshrined in Flanders
Sigismund, King of Burgundy, Martyr
Silvanus, Martyred in Alexandria
Silverius, Pope
Silvester I, Pope
Silvester Guzzolini, Abbot, Founder if the Silvestrine Benedictines
Simeon, Second Bishop of Jerusalem and Cousin of Our Lord
Simeon Cardon and 5 Companions, Cistercian Martyrs of Casamari
Simeon the God-Receiver of Jerusalem
Simeon Stylites
Simon the Apostle
Simon Stock, Carmelite Priest, Superior General of the Order
Simon Mchajlovic of Volom, Russian Priest, Martyr
Simplicianus, Bishop of Milan, Successor of St. Ambrose, Friend of St. Augustine
Simplicius, Pope
Simplicius, Martyr
Sirus (Horus) , Bishop, Martyred in Alexandria
Sisinius, Martyr
Sisto Riario Sforza, Cardinal Archbishop of Naples
Sixtus I, Pope and Martyr
Sixtus III, Pope
Solanus Casey, Franciscan Priest from Detroit
Solomon, Portuguese, martyred in Cordoba
Solutor, Martyr, Patron of Turin
Sophia, Martyr
Sophia, Roman Virgin, Martyr
Sophia, Widow
Sophia (Soilomonia Jurievn Saburova) of Suzdal, Princess of Moscow
Sosthenes Sostegni, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Soter, Pope and Martyr
Soteria, Great-Grandmother of St. Ambrose of Milan
Speciosa of Antioch, Virgin and  Martyr
Stanislaus, Bishop of Cracow and Martyr
Stanislaus Kostka, Jesuit Novice
Stephen I, Pope and Martyr
Stephen Bandelli, Dominican Priest
Stephen (Istvan), King of Hungary
Stephen the First Martyr, Deacon
Stephen Pongracz, Hungarian Jesuit Priest, martyred in Košice, Slovakia
Successus, Martyr
Sulpice (Sulpitius II), Archbishop of Bourges
Susanna of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Swibert, Bishop of Northumbria
Sylvester, Pope
Sylvia, Widow (Mother of St. Gregory the Great)
Synesius of Rome, Lector and Martyr
Symmachus, Pope
Symphorian, Senator and Martyr
Symphorosa, Widow, Martyred in Tivoli
Syrus, Bishop of Genoa
Syrus, Bishop of Pavia

Tarachus, martyred at Anazarbus in Cilicia
Tarcisius of Rome, Acolyte and Martyr, Patron of Communion Ministers
Tatiana of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Telemachus (Almachus), Monk, whose martyrdom ended the gladiatorial games
Telesphorus, Pope and Martyr
Telmo (Pedro González Telmo), Dominican Priest
Terence, Roman Centurion, Martyr
Teresa of Avila, Carmelite Mystic and Doctor of the Church
Teresa of Calcutta, hair, two books
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri, Foundress of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Teresa of Jesus of the Andes, Chilean Carmelite Nun
Teresa Margarita of the Sacred Heart (Redi), Carmelite  nun
Thecla of Iconium, Apostolic Virgin and Martyr
Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago
Therese (Marie-Victoire) Couderc, Foundress of the Religious of the Cenacle
Therese Martin of Lisieux, Carmelite and Doctor of the Church
Therese of St. Augustine: Princess Louise of France, youngest daughter of Louis XV,who was prioress of the Carmelites at St. Denis, poisoned by opponents of the monarchy in 1787
Theresia, Cistercian Nun
Theobald (Thibaut, Tybalt) Camoldolese Hermit in Luxembourg
Theodard, Bishop of Maastricht and Martyr
Theodora of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Theodore, Soldier and Martyr
Theodore, Bishop of Cyrene
Theodore, Bishop (of Mopsuestia? or Canterbury?)
Theodore Guerin, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods
Theodoric van der Eem, Franciscan Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Theodosia, Virgin and Martyr
Theodota, martyred at Constantinople for hiding icons
Theodulph, Bishop of Lobes, Belgium
Theodulph of Trier, Hermit
Theonilla, Martyr
Theophila, Martyr
Theophilus, Sixth Bishop of Antioch, Apologist
Theophilus (Biagio) Arrighi of Corte, Franciscan Priest, Missionary in Corsica
Thomas the Apostle
Thomas Aquinas, Dominican Priest and Doctor of the Church
Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr
Thomas ab Urb ?
Thomas de Cantalupe, Bishop of Hereford
Thomas of Cori, Franciscan Priest
Thomas a Kempis (Thomas of Kempen), Canon, Author of the “Imitation of Christ”
Thomas More, Chancellor of England and Martyr
Thomas of Tolentino, Franciscan martyred in China
Thomas of Villanova, Augustinian Archbishop of Valencia
Three Magi – Gasper, Melchior, Balthazar
Tiburtius. Martyr, Brother-in-law of St. Cecilia
      Timothy, Disciple of St. Paul and Bishop of Ephesus
      Timothy Giaccardo, Pauline Priest
Timothy of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Torpetius (Torpès, Tropez) of Pisa, Martyr
Torquatus, Bishop of Gaudix and Martyr
Totnan, companion of St. Kilian, martyred near Würzburg
Titus, Disciple of St. Paul and Bishop of Crete
Titus Brandsma, Dutch Carmelite Priest, professional journalist, martyred in Dachau
Tranquillinus, Priest and Martyr
Troadius of Pontus, Martyr
Tomasso Maria Fusco, Priest, Founder of the Daughters of Charity of the Precious Blood
Torello da Poppi, Franciscan Hermit
Toribio Romo, Mexican Priest, Martyr, Patron of Immigrants
Triduana, 8th century Irish Hermitess in Scotland
Trophima, Martyred in Alexandria
Trophimus (Trophime), Bishop of Arles
Trudo (Trond) of Hesbaye, Belgium, Benedictine Abbot
Tryphon of Campsada, Syria, Martyred in Nicaea
Turbon, Martyred in Cappadocia, venerated in Langres
Turibius de Mogrovejo, Archbishop of Lima

Ubaldo Baldassini, Bishop of Gubbio
Ulrich, Bishop of Augsburg
Umberto III, Count of Savoy
Urban, Martyr
Urban I, Pope and Martyr
Urban V, Pope
Ursicinus II, Bishop of Chur and Abbot of Dissentis
Ursicinus (Ursanne), Confessor, Founder of Saint-Ursanne
Ursinius, First Bishop of Bourges
Ursula, Virgin and Martyr
Ursula of Parma, Virgin
Ursus, Martyr

Valeria, Virgin Martyred at Limoges
Valeria (Valerie), Virgin and Martyr
Valerian of Rome, Martyr and Husband of St. Cecilia
Valerian, Martyr
Valerius, Bishop of Saragossa
Valerius, Martyr
Valentine of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Valentine, Bishop of Trier and Tongres, Confessor
Vedast (Vaast, Gaston, Foster), Bishop of Arras and Cambrai
Venantius, Martyr
Venantius, Martyred at Camerino
Veneranda, Virgin and Martyr (probably identical with St. Parasceve of Iconium)
Venustus, Martyr
Verecundus, Bishop of Verona
Veridiana of Padua, Anchoress and Wonderworker
Veronica Giuliani, Poor Clare Abbess, Stigmatic, and Mystic
Viator of Lyons, Confessor (after whom the Viatorian Order is named)
Victor, Archbishop of Ravenna
Victor of Burgos, Priest and Martyr
Victor of Marseilles, Soldier and Martyr
Victor Maurus (the Moor, of Mauretania), Martyr
Victor I, Pope and Martyr
Victor, Martyred either in Antioch or Nicomedia
Victoria, Martyr
Victoria, Martyr
Victoria of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
(Maria) Victoria Fornari Strata, Widow and Mother, Foundress of the Blue Nuns
Victorian, Martyr
Victoricus, Missionary Martyred near Amiens
Victorius, Martyr
Victorinus, Bishop of Pettau
Vigilantus, Martyr
Vigilius, Bishop of Auxerre, Martyr
Virgilius (Feargal, Farrell) Bishop of Salzburg “the Geometer”
Vigor (Vigeur), First Bishop of Bayeux
Vilmos (William) Apor, Bishop of Gyor, Martyr
Vincentia, Martyr
Vincent of Gerona, Martyr
Vincent of Lerins, Abbot
Vincent Madelgarus, Founding abbot of Haumont, husband of St. Waldetrude
Vincent, North African Deacon and Martyr
Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon and Martyr
Vincent, Martyr
Vincent Ferrer, Dominican Priest
Vincent de Paul, Priest and Founder of the Congregation of the Missions, or Vincentians
Vincent Strombi, Passionist Bishop of Macerata and Tolentino
Virginia Centurione Bracelli
Vitalis of Ravenna, Martyr
Vitus (Guy), Martyr
Vivaldo (Waldo), Hermit
Vladimir the Great, Prince of Kiev
Vladimir Ghika, Romanian Prince, Priest, Martyr

Walburga, British Abbess of Heidenheim
Waldetrude (Vaudru), wife of Vincent Madelgarus, nun at Mons
Walter (Galtier) Cistercian, First Prior of Aulne
Wandrille, First Abbot of Fontenelle
Wenceslaus (Vaclav), Duke of Bohemia and Martyr
Wendelin (Wendel), Saintly Shepherd
Werburgh of Chester, Royal Abbess
Wilburgis, Anchorite, enclosed at St. Florian Church, Mystic
Willehad Van Denmark, Franciscan Priest, eldest of the Martyrs of Gorkum
Willibald, British Bishop, Apostle of Bavaria
Willibrord, Missionary Bishop of Utrecht and Apostle to Luxemburg
William, Archbishop of York
William X, Duke of Aquitaine
William “the Great” of Malavale, Confessor
William of Vercelli, Abbot of Monte Vergine
Winifred of Holywell, Welsh Vigin and Martyr (moss from her holy well)
Winoc, English abbot of Wormhoudt
Wiro (Maelmuire) Bishop, Missionary to Holland
Wivina (Vivina), Abbess
Wulfram, Bishop of Sens (Fontenelle)

Xenia of St. Petersburg, Widow, “Holy Fool”, Hermit

Zacharias, Bishop of Leon, Successor of St. Irenaeus, Martyr
Zachary (Zachariah), Father of St. John the Baptist
Zdislava Berka, Duchess of Lemberk (Bohemia), Dominican Tertiary
Zeno, Roman Tribune and Martyr
Zeno, Martyr
Zeno, Bishop and Martyr
Zeno, Bishop of Verona
Zenobius, Wonderworking Bishop of Florence
Zenobius, Physician, Bishop of Aegae in Cilicia, and Martyr
Zita, Patroness of Servants
Zofia Czeska-Maciejowska, Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of the B.V.M.
Zoticus, Martyr
Zygmunt Gorazdowski, Ukrainian Monsignor, Fouder of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Two relics from the clothing of the sixteen Carmelite nuns from the Cloister of Compiégne, who were guillotined in Paris on July 17, 1794

Fragments from the Lord’s Manger and His Cradle (from the relics in St. Mary Major)
Fragments of the House of the Last Supper and the Holy House of Loreto
Fragments of the Titulus – the board on the Holy Cross which read “Jesus of Nazarth, King of the Jews”
From the Savior’s manger
From the cloak of St. Joseph
From the Shroud of Turin
From the tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Hair of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary