Habib of Edessa, Deacon and Martyr
Hadulph, Benedictine bishop of Arras, Cambrai
Hallvard Vebjornsson, Martyr, Patron of Oslo, Norway
Hamo (Aymo) of Savigny, Benedictine Monk
Haralambos (Charalambos), Bishop of Magnesia, Martyr
Hedda, Bishop of the West Saxons, Abbot of Malmesbury
Hedistus, Priest, Martyred at Perinthus (Heraclea) on the Propontis (Marmora)
Hedwig (Jadwiga), Queen of Poland
Hedwig, Duchess of Silesia
Hegesippus of Jerusalem, Ecclesiastical Writer
Helen Enselmini, Poor Clare
Helena, Empress, Mother of Constantine I
Heliconis of Thessalonika, Virgin and Martyr
Heliodorus, Bishop of Antino
Heliodorus, Martyr
Helladius, Bishop
Helladius, Bishop of Auxerre
Hemetrius, Martyr
Hemma of Gurk, Austrian Lay Woman and Foundress
Henry Garnet, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
“Henry V”, Count of Chambord, never accepted as King of France (from his hair)
Henry Morse, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Henry Suso (Heinrich Seuse), Dominican Priest, Great German Mystic
Henry Walpole, Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Henry, English Bishop of Upsala, Sweden, Apostle to Finland, Martyr
Heracles, Bishop of Alexandria
Herculanus, Bishop of Perugia
Herculanus, Soldier and Martyr
Heribert, Bishop of Cologne
Hermann Joseph, Norbertine Priest
Hermelind, Abbot of Aindre
Hermenegild, Visigothic Prince, Martyr
Hermes, Greek, Martyred in Rome
Hermias of Comana, Cappadocia, Soldier and Martyr
Hermogenes, Patriarch of Moscow, Martyr
Herve' (Hyvarnion) of Brittany, Welsh blind bard, hermit, exorcist
Hesperus, Martyr
Hesychius, first Bishop of Cazorla (Cartela), Spain, Martyr
Hesychius Palatinus, Senator, Martyred in Antioch
Hilaria of Augsburg, Mother of St. Afra, Martyr
Hilarion the Great, of Gaza in Palestine
Hilarion, Greek Metropolitan of Kiev
Hilarion, Martyr
Hilarius, Bishop of Aquilaea
Hilarius, Bishop of Carcasonne
Hilarius, Bishop of Mainz, Martyr
Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Father of the Church
Hilary, Bishop of Arles
Hilary, Bishop of Toulouse
Hilary, Greek Martyr
Hilary, Martyr
Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
Hildegard of Bingen, Benedictine Abbess, Mystic, Composer, Physician
Hilduard, Regional Bishop of Flanders
Himerius, Bishop of Ameria and Martyr
Himerius, Bishop of Susingen, near Basle
Hipacio, Abbot of Rufini
Hippolytus of Rome, Soldier and Martyr
Hippolytus of Rome, Theologian, Priest, for eighteen years an Anti-pope, Martyr
Holy Cross of Christ
Holy Innocents (one of them)
Holy Maccabee Children (one of them)
Homobonus Tucenghi of Cremona, Confessor
Honestus of Nimes, Priest, Missionary to Navarre, Martyred in Pamplona
Honorat (Florentyn Waclaw Jan Stefan) Kozminski, of Biala, Polish Capuchin Priest
Honorata, Nun at Pavia
Honoratus (Honoré), Founding Abbot of Lérins, Bishop of Arles
Honoratus (Onorato), Bishop of Milan
Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury
Honorius, Martyr
Honorius, Martyred at Gerona
Hormisdas, Pope
Hortulanus, Bishop of near Tripoli
Hospitius of Niza, Egyptian Hermit
Hrabanus Maurus, Bishop of Mainz
Hubert, Monk of Bretigny, Confessor
Hugh Canefro, Priest and Chaplain of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem
Hugh of Avalon, Bishop of Lincoln
Hugh the Great, Abbot of Cluny
Hugh, Bishop of Grenoble
Little Hugh of Lincoln, boy whose murder was falsely charged to the Jews
Hugo Uguccio Lippi, One of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Humbeline, sister of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Benedictine Abbess of Jully-les-Nonnais
Humfrid (Humphrey), Bishop of Therouanne
Hungarius (Hungero), Bishop of Utrecht
Hyacinth (Jacek) Odrowaz, Dominican Priest
Hyacinth of Rome, Brother of Protus, Martyr
Hyacintha Mariscotti, Franciscan Nun
Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, Priest, 76th Father General of the Dominican Order (autograph)
Hyginus, Pope
Hypatius the Wonderworker, Bishop of Gangra, Martyr