Walburga, British Abbess of Heidenheim
Waldebert, 3rd Abbot of Luxueil
Waldetrude (Vaudru), wife of Vincent Madelgarus, nun at Mons
Walter (Galtier) Cistercian, First Prior of Aulne
Walter, Abbot
Wandrille, First Abbot of Fontenelle
Wenceslaus (Vaclav), Duke of Bohemia and Martyr
Wendelin (Wendel), Saintly Shepherd
Werburgh of Chester, Royal Abbess
Wiborada of St. Gall, Swiss Anchoress and Martyr
Wigbert, Anglo-Saxon Missionary, Abbot of Herzfeld
Wilburgis, Anchorite, enclosed at St. Florian Church, Mystic
Wilibert, Bishop
Willehad, Bishop of Bremen
William “the Great” of Malavale, Confessor
William of Foggia, Hermit
William of Gellone (of Orange), 2nd Duke of Toulouse, Founder of Gellone Abbey
William of Perth, Martyr
William of Pontoise, Benedictine Hermit
William of Vercelli, Abbot of Monte Vergine
William Saultemouche, Jesuit Lay Brother, Martyred  by Huguenots
William X, Duke of Aquitaine
William, Archbishop of York
William, Bishop
Willibald, British Bishop, Apostle of Bavaria
Willibrord, Missionary Bishop of Utrecht and Apostle to Luxemburg
Winebald (Vindoald), Abbot of St. Loup, Troyes
Winifred of Holywell, Welsh Vigin and Martyr (moss from her holy well)
Winoc, English abbot of Wormhoudt
Wiro (Maelmuire) Bishop, Missionary to Holland
Wivina (Vivina), Abbess
Wulfram, Bishop of Sens (Fontenelle)
Wulfstan, Benedictine Bishop of Worcester




Xenia “the Righteous” of Rome, Virgin
Xenia Grigoryevna Petrova of St. Petersburg, widow, patroness of St. Petersburg



Yolanda (Helen) of Hungary, Duchess, Poor Clare Abbess



Zacchaeus of Caesarea in Palestine, Martyr
Zacchaeus, Bishop of Jerusalem
Zacharias, Bishop of Leon, Successor of St. Irenaeus, Martyr
Zachary (Zachariah), Father of St. John the Baptist
Zama I, Bishop of Bologna
Zanitas, Monk, Martyred by King Shapur II of Persia
Zbigniew Strzalkowski, Conventual Franciscan Priest, Martyt
Zdislava Berka, Duchess of Lemberk (Bohemia), Dominican Tertiary
Zenas of Philadelphia, Martyr
Zeno, Bishop and Martyr
Zeno, Bishop of Verona
Zeno, Martyr
Zeno, Roman Tribune and Martyr
Zenobius, Wonderworking Bishop of Florence
Zenobius, Physician, Bishop of Aegae in Cilicia, and Martyr
Zephyrinus, Pope
Zita of Lucca, Patroness of Servants
Zoe, Martyr
Zofia Czeska-Maciejowska, Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of the B.V.M.
Zoilus of Lystra, Martyr
Zosimus, Bishop of Syracuse, Sicily
Zosimus, Martyr
Zoticus, Martyr
Zygmunt Gorazdowski, Ukrainian Monsignor, Fouder of the Sisters of St. Joseph