Jacinta Marto, Visionary of Fatima
Jacob Rem, Austrian Jesuit, responsible for the devotion to “Our Lady, Untier of Knots”
Jacopo da Voragine (James of Voraigne), Dominican Archbishop of Genoa, Author of the Golden Legend
Jacopone da Todi, Franciscan Mystic, Poet, and Writer, Author of the “Stabat Mater”
James the Greater, Apostle
James the Just, “Brother of the Lord”, First Bishop of Jerusalem, author of the Epistle
James the Lesser, Apostle
James the Confessor, Iconodule Monk in Constantinople, Martyr
James, Deacon, Martyr of Numidia, Companion of St. Marian (Marianus)
James Intercissus of Persia, Martyr
James Philip (Giacomo Filippo) Bertoni, Servite Priest
James Kisai, Jesuit Martyr of Nagasaki
James of Nisibis, Armenian Patriarch
James of Cittá della Piave, “the Almoner”, Servite martyr (Giacomo Elemosiniere)
James de Menavia, Dominican Theologian
James (Jacques) Sales, Jesuit Priest, martyred by Huguenots
James (Giacomo) Salomoni, Dominican Priest, Patron of those with Cancer and tumors
Januarius (Genarro), Bishop of Benevento and Martyr
Jason of Thessalonica, Disciple of St. Paul
Jean-Jacques Olier, Priest, Founder of the Sulpicians
Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) Antide Thouret, Foundress of the Daughters of St. Vincent de Paul
Jeanne-Elizabeth Bichier-des-Ages, Nun, Foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross
Jeanne Dalanous, Foundress of the Congregation of St. Anne
Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame of the Immaculate Conception of Castres
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) of Valois, Queen, Foundress of the Order of the Annonciades
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) Françoise de Chantal, Widow, Foundress of the Visitation Order   
Jeanne (Jane, Jean, Joan) of Toulouse, Carmelite nun
Jenaro Sanchez y Delgadillo, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Jeremiah (John) Kostistik of Valachia, Romanian Franciscan – First Romanian Beatified
Jeremias, Martyr of Cordoba
Jerome Aemiliani, Priest, Founder of the Order of Somoscha (took care of orphans)
Jerome Ranucci, Servite Superior
Jerome, Priest and Father of the Church
Jerzy Popieluszko, Murdered “Solidarity” Priest
Jesus Mendez Montoya, Priest, Cristero Martyr
Joachim, Father of the Virgin Mary
Joachim Piccolonieri, Servite Confessor
Job, Confessor
Jocundus, Bishop of Aosta
Johann Philipp Jeningen, Jesuit Priest
John, Apostle and Evangelist
John the Baptist
John Beche (a.k.a. Thomas Marshall) Benedictine, Last Abbot of Colthester, Martyr
John of Bridlington, Augustinian Prior of Bridlington Priory in England
John I, Pope
John of Rome, Martyr
John Almond, English Secular Priest, Martyr
John V “The Almoner”, Chalcedonian Patriarch of Alexandria
John Baptist De La Salle, priest, founder of the Christian Brothers
John Baptist Scalabrini, Bishop of Piacenza, Founder of the Missionaries of St. Charles
John Berchmans, Jesuit Novice
John, Bishop of Berverly
John Boste, English Secular Priest, Martyr
John Bosco, Priest and Founder of the Salesians
John de Brebeuf, Jesuit Priest, North American Martyr
John Calybite (the Hut-Dewller) of Constantinople, Recluse
John Camillus the Good (“Bonus”), Bishop of Milan
John of Capistrano, Franciscan Priest
John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople and Father of the Church
John Climacus, Confessor
John of the Cross, Carmelite Priest, Mystic, and Doctor of the Church
John of Damascus, Monk and Father of the Church
John Duns Scotus, Franciscan Priest, Theologian, the “Subtle Doctor”
John the Dwarf, Abbot of Skete, Egypt
John Eudes, Priest, Founder of the Sisterhood of Our Lady of Charity of the Refuge and the Society of Jesus and Mary
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester and Martyr
John Francis Regis, Jesuit PriestJohn Gabriel Perboyre, Vincentian Priest, Missionary, Martyred in China
John of God, Founder of the Brothers Hospitallers
John of Gorze, Benedictine Abbot
John Gualbert, Abbot
John “the Good”, Bishop of Milan
John Henry Newman
John the Isaurian, Byzantine Monk, Disciple of Gregory Decapoliti, Iconodule
John Juvenal Ancina, Oratorian Bishop of Solazzo, Composer
John Kanti (Cantius), Priest
John of Kronstadt, Russian Orthodox Priest, Famous Preacher and Wodnderworker
John Lantruna of Triora, Franciscan Priest, Martyred in China
John Licci, Sicilian Dominican Priest
John Lloyd, Secular Priest, Last Welsh Martyr
John of Lycopolis, Egyptian Hermit
John de Massias, Dominican Confessor, Missionary to Lima
John of Matera, Benedictine Monk
John of Matha, Priest, Founder of the Trinitarian Order
John Maximovitch, Russian Orthodox Archbishop of San Francisco
John, Bishop of Naples
John Nepomucene, Priest, Vicar General of Prague, Martyr
John Neumann, Bishop of Philadelphia
John Henry Newman, English Cardinal, book, report card, letter and envelope
John Ogilvie, Scottish Jesuit Priest, Martyr
John of Prado, Franciscan Missionary, Martyred in Morocco
John Rigby, English Lay Man, Martyr
John Soan de Goto
John Sordi, Bishop of Mantua
John, Bishop of Syracuse
John I, Pope
John XXIII, Pope, two post cards
John Paul II, Pope, Bible, photo, book
John the Silent, Monk and Bishop
John Southworth, English Secular Priest, Martyr
John Theophane Venard, Priest of the Society of Foreign Missions, Martyred in Vietnam
John Vianney (Cure’of Ars) Priest, Patron of Parish Priests
Jolanta (Helen) Queen of Poland, Nun
Jolus of Sellano, Hermit and Confessor
Jonah Barachisius (Bar-Jesus), Monk, Martyred by King Shapur II of Persia
Jonah, Metropolitan of Kiev, Patriarch of Moscow
Jonatus, Abbot of Marchiennes, Belgium
Jordan (Giordano) of Saxony, Dominican, Second Superior General of the Order
Josaphat Kuncewicz, Archbishop of Polotsk and Martyr for Christian Unity
Josaphata Michaelina Hordashevska, Ukrainian foundress of the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate
Jose Isabel Flores Varela, Priest, Cristero Martyr
Jose Luciano Ezequiel Huerta Gutierrez, Mexican Layman, Father of 10, Cristero Martyr
Jose Sanchez del Rio, Boy Martyr of the Mexican Cristero Persecution
Jose Maria Escriva Belguer, Priest, Founder of Opus Dei
Jose Maria Robles Hurtado, Priest, Cristero Martyr
Jose Trinidad Rangel Montano, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Joseph, Spouse of Our Lady, (Part of Cloak)
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph Allamano, Priest, Diocese of Turin, Founder of the Consolata Missionaries
Joseph Bartholomew Menochio, Augustinian Archbishop
Joseph Cafasso, Priest, Reformer in Turin
Joseph Calsanctius, Priest, Founder of the Clerks Regular of Religious Schools, Piarists
Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, Priest, Founder of the Little House of Divine Providence
Joseph of Cupertino, Capuchin Priest
Joseph the Hymnogropher, Basilian Priest, Hymn Writer, Martyr
Joseph of Leonessa, Capuchin Priest

Joseph Mercier, Cardinal Désiré, Archbishop of Michelin
Joseph Moscati, Neapolitan Physician
Joseph, Bishop of Thessalonica
Joseph Tshang-ta-Pong, Chinese Catechist and Martyr
Joseph Volotsky, Russian monk
Josephine Bakhita, Daughter of Charity of Canossa
Joventius, BishopMary Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago (Lemont)
Josephine Leroux, Ursuline Nun, guillotined with 10 other Ursulines in 1794
Jovita of Brescia, Martyr
Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, who saw Our Lady of Guadalupe
Juan of Ortega, Founder of the Spanish monastery bearing his name
Jucunda, Martyr
Jucundia, Martyr
Jucundina, Martyr
Jucundianus, Martyr
Jucundus, Martyr
Judas Cyriacus, 15th and last Bishop of old Jerusalem, Martyr
Jude Thaddeus the Apostle
Judicael (Judhael, Giguel), King of Armorica (Brittany), Monk at St. Méel
Julia of Carthage, Virgin and Martyr
Julia of Corsica, Virgin and Martyr
Julia of Merida, Martyr
Julian, Martyr
Julian, Martyr
Julian of Brioude, Martyr
Julian of Brivet, Martyr
Julian, Bishop of Cuenca
Julian, Archbishop of Toledo, First Primate of Spain and Portugal (Iberian Peninsula)
Juliana Falconieri, Servite Nun
Juliana de Florencia, Widow
Juliana of Liège, Augustinian Nun, established the feast of Corpus Christi
Juliana of Nicomedia, Virgin and Martyr
Juliana of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Julio Alvarez Mendoza, Priest, Cristero Martyr
Julitta (Julieta) of Tarsus, Martyr
Julius of Caerleon, Romano-British Soldier, Welsh Martyr
Julius I, Pope
Julius, Martyred at Gelduba in Thrace
Julius of Rome, Senator and Martyr
Junilla, Martyred in Cappadocia, Venerated at Langres
Jumeaux (“twins”, probably it should be “Trijumeaux” – triplets, for the three brothers, Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Melasippus, who were Martyred with their grandmother Leonilla in Cappadocia and were venerated in Langres)
Juan de Ribera, Archbishop of Valencia
Junipero Serra, Franciscan Priest, Missionary to California
Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevicius, Bishop of Vilnius
Just de Bretenieres, Missionary and Martyr
Justa of Seville, Virgin and Martyr
Justin Martyr, Apologist
Justina of Antioch, Martyr
Justina of Padua, Virgin and Martyr
Justinian (Iestin), Breton Hermit Martyred in Wales
Justino Orona Madrigal, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Justinus, Bishop of Chieti
Justinus, Martyr
Justinus of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Justus, Archbishop of Canterbury
Justus of Trieste, Soldier and Martyr
Justus, Bishop of Urgel
Juvenal, First Bishop of Narni
Juventius, Bishop of Parma