Dacius, Martyr
Dagmar Margaret of Bohemia, Queen of Denmark
Dagobert II, King of Austrasia, Martyr
Dalmatius of Constantinople, Archimandrite
Dalmatius, Bishop of Pavia
Dalmatius. Bishop of Rodez
Damasus, Pope
Damian DeVeuster of Molokai, Priest, Pastor of Lepers
Damian, Bishop of Pavia
Damian, Physician and Martyr
Daniel Comboni, Bishop, Founder of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus
Daniel of Moscow, Prince, Monk, Founder of the Danilov Monastery
Daniel the Stylite, Priest and Confessor
Daniel, Abbot of Skete, Egypt
Daniel, Martyr
Daphrosa (Dafrosa), Mother of St. Bibiana, Martyr
Daria, Greek, martyred in Rome with her Egyptian husband, Chrysanthus
Dario Acosta Zurita. Priest, Cristero Martyr
Dathus, Bishop of Ravenna
David (Dewi), Bishop of Menevia (St. Davids), Patron of Wales
David Galvan Bermudez, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
David Lewis, Welsh Jesuit Priest, Martyr
David of Thessalonica, Hermit
David Roldan Lara, Mexican Layman, Cristero Martyr
David Uribe Velasco, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
David, Abbot of Himmerode
Davinus the Pilgrim
Deicola (Deicuil), Irish Missionary Abbot
Deiniol (Daniel), First Bishop of Bagor, Carnarvon, Wales
Delphine, Mother St. Delphine (Marie-Antoinette) Fontbonne, Canadian nun
Delphinus, Bishop of Bordeaux
Demetria of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Demetrius of Sirmium (and Thessaloniki), Deacon and Martyr
Denis (Dionysius), First Bishop of Paris and Martyr
Denis Auguste Affre, Archbishop of Paris, martyred for peace, June 27. 1848
Deodata, Martyr
Deodatus of Sora, Martyr
Deodatus, Bishop of Nevers
Deodatus, bishop of Nola
Deogratias, Bishop of Carthage
Desiderius (Didier), Bishop of Langres, Martyr
Desiderius (Didier), Bishop of Vienne
Désiré-Félicien-François-Joseph, Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Mechlin-Brussels
Deusdedit (Adeodatus I), Pope
Deusdedit (Frithona, Adeodatus), First Anglo-Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury
Devota (Devote), Virgin and Martyr, Patroness of Monaco
Diana de Andelo, Dominican Prioress of St. Agnes Convent in Bologna
Dictino, Bishop of Astorga
Didacus (San Diego) of Alcala, Franciscan Brother
Diego Jose of Cadiz, Capuchin Preacher to the Andalusia area
Diego Luis of San Vitores, Jesuit Missionary to Guam, died with St. Pedro Calungsod
Digna of Augsburg, Virgin and Martyr
Digna of Cordoba, Martyr
Dignus, Martyr
Dilectus, Martyr
Dimitry (Daniil Saavich Tuptalo/Tuptalenko), Bishop of Rostov, Composet
Dimitry of Priluckji, Russian Monk
Diodora, Martyr
Diodoros, Bishop of Tarsus
Diomedes of Nicaea, Martyr
Dionysius of Aquileia, Lay Person, Martyr
Dionysius of Kiev, Russian monk
Dionysius of Zakynthos, Archbishop of Aegina
Dionysius the Areopagite, Disciple of St. Paul, First Bishop of Athens, Martyr
Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth
Dionysius, Bishop of Vienne
Dionysius, Patriarch of Alexandria
Dionysius, Pope and Martyr
Dioscorus I, Patriarch of Alexandria
Dioscorus, Martyr
Disciola of Poitiers, Nun in Holy Cross Convent
Dismas (Dimas), the “Good Thief”
Dius the Wonderworker, Antiochene Abbot, then an Archimadrite in Constantinople
Dodolinus (Dodolin). Bishop of Vienne
Dogmael of Wales, 6th century Hermit
Domenica del Paradiso, Florentine Dominican Prioress
Dominic de Guzman, Priest and Founder of the Order of Preachers, Dominicans
Dominic de la Calzada, Hermit, built bridge, hospital, and hotel on the Camino de Santiago
Dominic Henares, Dominican Bishop and Martyr of Tonkin, China
Dominic of the Holy Rosary (Ioannes Nagata Magoshichiro) Dominican Martyr of Nagasaki
Dominic of the Mother of God Barberi, Passionist Priest
Dominic Savio
Dominica, Martyr
Dominican Martyrs of Tonkin, China
Domininus, Hermit near Tulle, France
Domitilla (Flavia Domitilla), great-niece of Emperors Domitian, Titus, and the Senator, St. Flavius Clemens, Martyr
Domnolus, Bishop of Le Mans
Donatus, (Donagh the Irishman), Bishop of Fiesole
Donatus, Bishop of Arezzo, Martyr
Donatus, Martyr
Donatus, Martyr
Donatus, Martyr
Donnan, Irish Abbot of Eigg, Missionary to the Picts
Dorotheus of Gaza, Abbot
Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre
Dorothy of Cappadocia, Virgin and Martyr
Dorothy of Montau, Widow and Mystic
Dositheus, Monk
Droctoveus, Cenobite, near Paris
Drosis (Droside) of Persia, Martyr
Drosis, Martyr
Dubhthach, Bishop of Ross, Scotland
Dubritius (Dyfryg, Devereaux) Bishop in Wales
Dula of Nicomedia, Virgin and Martyr
Dulcidius, Bishop of Agen
Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury
Dymphna, Virgin and Martyr