Quadratus of Athens, First Christian Apologist
Quentin, Martyr
Quinidius (Quinez), Bishop of Vaison
Quinta (Cointa), Martyred in Alexandria
Quintin of Turon, Martyr
Quintin, Martyr
Quiricus (Kerykus) of Tarsus, Martyr
Quirinus of Malmedy, Priest and Martyr
Quirinus of Rome, Tribune and Martyr
Quirinus, Bishop of Sissek in Croatia and Martyr
Quirinus, Martyr
Quodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage, Father of the Church




Radbod, Bishop of Utrecht
Radegonde (Radegund), Frankish Queen, Foundress of Holy Cross Convent in Poitiers
Radulph, Bishop of Bourges
Rafael Arnaiz Baron, Spanish Trappist Mystic
Rafael Guizar y Valencia, Bishop of Veracruz, Mexico
Rafaela Maria Porras Ayllon, Foundress of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Rafqa Butrusia (Rebecca Pietra) Choboq Ar-Rayes, Maronite Nun
Ragnulph of Arras, Martyr
Ragrenfreda, Founding Abbess of Dinain Abbey, Hainault, Belgium
Raineldis, Virgin and Martyr
Rainierus of Pisa, Monk, Patron of Pisa
Rambert (Ragnobert), Martyr
Ramiro of Leon, Abbot of St. Claudius Abbey, Martyr
Ramon Vicente Vargas Gonzalez, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Raphael Kalinowski
Rath (Rasso) Count of Andechs
Raymond Nonnatus, Mercedarian Priest
Raymond of Capua, Dominican Priest, Director and Biographer of Catherine of Siena
Raymond of Penafort, Dominican Priest
Raymund Gayard of Toulouse, Priest
Raynald (Reynold, Ronald), Benedictine Bishop of Nocera
Redemptorus of the Cross (Thomas Rodriguez da Cunha), Carmelite, Martyred in Malay
Regina (Reine), Virgin and Martyr
Regnault, 12th century French hermit, founder of the Monastery of Melinais
Regulus (Rieul), First Bishop of Senlis
Reinhold (Reinold) Monk, Martyr
Remacle, Founding Abbot of Stavelot/Malmedy, Bishop of Maestricht
Rembert, Archbishop of Bremen/Hamburg
Remi (Remigius) Isore’, French Jesuit Priest, Martyred in China’s Boxer Rebellion
Remigius (Remi), First Bishop of Rheims
Remigius, Bishop of Tournai
Renatus (Rene) First Bishop of Angers
Renatus, Bishop of Sorrento
Rene (Renatus) Goupil, North American Martyr
Reparata, Virgin, Martyred in Caesarea, Palestine
Restituta of Carthage, Virgin and Martyr, Patroness of the First Cathedral of Naples
Restitutus, Bishop of Carthage
Restitutus, Martyr
Reticius, Bishop of Autun
Revocatus of Carthage, Martyr, One of the Companions of Perpetua and Felicitas
Ricardo (Erminio Filippo) Pampuri, Brother Hospitaller of St. John of God
Richard “the King”, Confessor
Richard Gwyn (aka Richard White), Welsh school teacher, Martyr
Richard Reynolds, Priest at the Briggitine Monastery of Syon, English Martyr
Richard Reynolds, Priest of the Briggitine Monastery of Syon, Martyr
Richard Whiting, Last Abbot of Glastonbury, Martyr
Richard, Bishop of Chichester
Richard, English Bishop of Andria, Italy
Rigobert, Bishop of Rheims
Riquier (Ricarius), Confessor
Rita (Margarita) of Cascia, Widow and Augustinian Nun
Rita Amada de Jesus (Lopes Almeida), Portuguese Religious Sister
Ritza (Rizza) of Coblenz, nun at St. Kastor nunnery, Coblenz
Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit Cardinal and Theologian
Robert Lawrence, Carthusian Monk from the London Charterhouse, Martyr
Robert of Arbissel, Abbot, Founder of the Order of Fontevrault
Robert of Molesmes, Co-founder of the Cistercian order – from his arm
Robert Southwell, English Jesuit Priest, Martyr
Robert, Abbot of Newminster
Roch (Rocco) of Montpellier, Confessor
Rodingus (Rodin), First Abbot of Beaulieu
Rodolfo (Rudolph) Aquaviva, Jesuit Priest Superior, Martyred in India
Rodrigo (Roderick) of Cordoba, Mozarab Priest, Martyr
Rogelius, Martyr of Cordoba
Roger (Ruggiero) of Todi, Franciscan, Friend of St. Francis
Romacarius, Bishop of Constanza
Romaeus (Romeo), Carmelite Lay Brother
Roman Adame Rosales, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Romana, Virgin, Martyred at Sirmium
Romanos the Melodist, Syro-Greek Hymnographer
Romanus (Romain), Bishop of Rouen
Romanus of Antioch, Martyr
Romanus of Caesarea in Palestine, Deacon and Martyr
Romanus of Rome, Martyr
Romanus, Deacon and Martyr
Romanus, Martyr
Romanus, Ostiarius of Rome, Martyr
Romanus, Soldier and Martyr
Romaric, Abbot of Habendum
Romuald, Abbot, Founder of the Trinitarian Order
Romulus, Bishop of Genoa
Roque Gonzales, Paraguayan Jesuit Missionary, Martyr
Rosa Venerini, Foundress of the first public school for girls in Italy (in Rome)
Rosalia of Palermo
Rosaline (Rossolina) Villeneuve, Carthusian Prioress
Rose of Lima, Dominican Virgin
Rose of Viterbo, Virgin
Rose Philippine Duchesne
Rosendo (Rudesindis) Castillian Bishop
Rudolph of Bern, Boy Martyr
Rufina of Rome, Martyr
Rufina, Virgin martyred in Seville
Rufinus (Rufino), First Bishop of Assisi, Martyr
Rufus of Philippi, Martyr
Rupert Mayer, Jesuit Priest, Outspoken Opponent of the Nazis
Rupert, Bishop of Salzburg
Rusticus (Rotiri), bishop of Clermont
Rusticus of Paris, Priest, Martyr, Companion of St. Denis 
Rusticus of Verona, Martyr
Rusticus, Bishop of Narbonne