Tarachus, martyred at Anazarbus in Cilicia
Tarasius, Greek Martyr
Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople
Tarcisius of Rome, Acolyte and Martyr, Patron of Communion Ministers
Tarsilia, Aunt of Gregory the Great
Tatiana of Rome, Deaconess and Martyr
Taurinus, Bishop of Auch
Telemachus (Almachus), Monk, whose martyrdom ended the gladiatorial games
Telesphorus, Pope and Martyr
Telmo (Pedro González Telmo), Dominican Priest
Terence, Roman Centurion, Martyr
Terentius of Imola, Deacon and Hermit
Terentius, Bishop of Todi
Teresa of Avila, Carmelite Mystic and Doctor of the Church
Teresa of Calcutta (hair, two autographed books)
Teresa Casini, Foundress of the Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri, Foundress of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Teresa of Jesus of the Andes, Chilean Carmelite Nun
Teresa Margarita of the Sacred Heart (Redi), Carmelite nun
Tertullia, Virgin, Martyr
Thais of Egypt, Penitent
Thecla of Iconium, Apostolic Virgin and Martyr
Theresa (Josephine) Dudzik, Foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago
Therese (Marie-Victoire) Couderc, Foundress of the Religious of the Cenacle
Therese Martin of Lisieux, Carmelite and Doctor of the Church (Little Flower of the Child Jesus)
Therese of St. Augustine: Princess Louise of France, youngest daughter of Louis XV, who was prioress of the Carmelites at St. Denis, poisoned by   opponents of the monarchy in 1787
Therese Verhaeghe, 3rd order Dominican, Beguine from Ghent
Theresia, Cistercian Nun
Themistocles of Myra, Marttyr
Theobald (Thibaut, Tybalt) Camoldolese Hermit in Luxembourg
Theodard, Bishop of Maastricht and Martyr
Theodard (Audard), Archbishop of Narbonne
Theodora of Rome, Virgin and Martyr
Theodore of Byzantium, “the New Martyr”
Theodore, Bishop of Cyrene
Theodore, Bishop (of Mopsuestia? or Canterbury?)
Theodore or Echaita, Soldier and Martyr
Theodore Guerin, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods
Theodore, Bishop of Pavia
Theodore Romzha, Ruthenian Bishop of Mukachene, Martyr
Theodore the Studite, Abbot in Constantinople, Theologian
Theodoric van der Eem, Franciscan Priest, one of the 19 Martyrs of Gorkum
Theodosia, Virgin and Martyr
Theodosius fhe Great (the Cenobiarch) Abbot
Theodosius of Kiev
Theodota, martyred at Constantinople for hiding icons
Theodulph, Bishop of Lobbes, Belgium
Theodulph of Trier, Hermit
Theodulus, Martyr
Theogenes of Cyzicus, Martyr
Theogenes, Bishop of Hippo
Theoginis of Laodicia, Martyr
Theonas, MartyrTheonilla, Martyr
Throphanes “the Recluse” of Antioch
Theophanes the Isaurian, Abbot of Mt Sigriane Abbey, Constantinople
Theopemptus, Martyr
Theophila, Martyr
Theophilus, Sixth Bishop of Antioch, Apologist
Theophilus of Constantinople
Theophilus (Biagio) Arrighi of Corte, Franciscan Priest, Missionary in Corsica
Theophylact, Metropolitan of Nicomedia
Theotimus, Bishop of Tomi (Constanta), Romania
Theotonio, Priest, Augustinian Prior of Coimbra
Thillo (Tillo, Theau), Saxon Priest, Missionary in the Low Countries
Thomas the Apostle
Thomas Aquinas, Dominican Priest and Doctor of the Church
Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr
Thomas ab Urb
Thomas de Cantalupe, Bishop of Hereford
Thomas of Cori, Franciscan Priest
Thomas Garnet, English Jesuit Martyr
Thomas a Kempis (Thomas of Kempen), Canon, Author of the “Imitation of Christ”
Thomas More, Chancellor of England and Martyr
Thomas of Tolentino, Franciscan martyred in China
Thomas of Villanova, Augustinian Archbishop of Valencia
Thorlak Thorhallsson, Bishop of Skalholt, Patron of Iceland
Three Magi – Gasper, Melchior, Balthazar
Tiburtius. Martyr, Brother-in-law of St. Cecilia
Tichon of Limassol, Cyprus, Bishop
Timothy, Disciple of St. Paul and Bishop of Ephesus
Timothy, Bishop of Gaza and Martyr
Timothy Giaccardo, Pauline Priest
Timothy, Martyr
Timothy of Rome, Priest and Martyr
Titus, Disciple of St. Paul and Bishop of Crete
Titus Brandsma, Dutch Carmelite Priest, professional journalist, martyred in Dachau
Tiziano, Fifth Bishop of Brescia
Tomasso Maria Fusco, Priest, Founder of the Daughters of Charity of the Precious Blood
Torello da Poppi, Franciscan Hermit
Toribio Romo, Mexican Priest, Martyr, Patron of Immigrants
Torpetius (Torpès, Tropez) of Pisa, Martyr
Torquatus, Bishop of Gaudix and Martyr
Torquatus, Bishop of Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux
Totnan, companion of St. Kilian, martyred near Würzburg
Tranquilinio Ubiarco Robles, Mexican Priest, Cristero Martyr
Trianon, Bishop and Martyr
Triduana, 8th century Irish Hermitess in Scotland
Trifyllius, Bishop of Nicosia
Trophima, Martyred in Alexandria
Trophimus (Trophime), Bishop of Arles
Trudo (Trond) of Hesbaye, Belgium, Benedictine Abbot
Tryphenia of Rome, Friend of St. Pauil (greeted in Romans)
Tryphon of Campsada, Syria, Martyred in Nicaea
Tugdual, Bishop in Brittany
Turbon, Martyred in Cappadocia, venerated in Langres
Turibius, Bishop of Astorga
Turibius de Mogrovejo, Archbishop of Lima
Twelve Apostles of Ireland, 6th century monks who studied under St. Finian of Clonard:
    Ciaran of Saighir
    Ciaran of Clonmacnois
    Brendan of Birr
    Brendan of Clonfert
    Columba of Terryglass
    Columba of Iona
    Mobhi of Glasnevin
    Ruadhain of Lorrha
    Senan of Iniscathay
    Ninidh of Lough Erne
    Laisren Mac Nad Froich
    Canice of Aghaboe