Gabinus, Priest and Martyr, Father of St. Susanna of Rome
Gabriel Lalement, Jesuit Priest, North American Martyr
Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Passionist Priest
Galdino Della Scala, Archbishop of Milan
Galganus (Galgano Guidotti), Hermit, Confessor
Gall, Abbot
Galla, Martyred in Corinth
Gallicanus, Roman Officer, Martyred in Egypt
Gallus, Bishop of Clermont
Gangulph of Varennes, Martyr
Gaon (Godo) Founding Abbot of Fontanelle Abbey, Normandy
Gaspar Bertoni, Italian Priest, Founder of the Stigmatines
Gaspar del Bufalo, Founder of the Society of the Precious Blood
Gatianus, First Bishop of Tours
Gaudentius, Bishop of Brescia
Gaudiosa, Martyr
Gaudiosus, Bishop of Salerno
Gaudiosus, Martyr
Gauthier (Walter) de Bruges, Franciscan theologian and Bishop of Poitiers
Gauzelin, Bishop of Toul
Gebhard, Bishop of Constance
Gedeon, Bishop of Besanson
Gelasius I, Pope to whom the Gelasian Sacramentary is ascribed
Gemelllus, Martyred in Paphlagonia
Gemignanus, Bishop of Modena
Geminianus of Sirmium, Martyr
Geminianus, Bishop of Modena
Geminus, African, martyred by the Vandals
Gemma Galgani, Mystic who had the stigmata
Genesius (Genest), 37th Archbishop of Lyons
Genesius (Gines) of Arles, Notary and Martyr
Genesius the Comedian, Martyr
Genesius, Bishop of Clermont
Genevieve, Virgin, Patroness of Paris
Gennadius, Bishop of Astorga
Genova Torres Morales, Foundres of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Angels
Gentien (Gentianus), Missionary Martyred near Amiens
George Beesley, English Secular Priest, Martyr
George of Suelli, Sardinian Bishop
George of Vabres, Bishop of Lodeve
George, Bishop of Antioch
George, Bishop of Lesbos
George, Patriarch of Antioch
George, Soldier and Martyr
George, Soldier and Martyr
Georges Darboy, Archbishop of Paris, Martyred by the Paris Commune May 24, 1871
Georgia of Auvergne, Recluse
Gerald (Géraud), Count of Aurillac
Gerald, Bishop of Bezier
Gerald, Bishop of Ostia
Gerard (Gellert) Sagredo of Csanád, Bishop and Martyr
Gerard Cagnoli, Franciscan in Sicily
Gerard de Clairvaux, Cistercian monk, brother of St. Bernard of Claivaux
Gerard Majella, Redemptorist Brother
Gerard of Namur, Abbot of Brogne
Gerard Thom, Founder of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem
Gerard, Bishop of Potenza
Gerard, Bishop of Toul
Gereon, Soldier and Martyr
Gerlac of Valkenberg, Dutch Hermit
Germain (Germanus), Bishop of Auxerre
Germain (Germanus), Bishop of Paris
Germaine Cousin of Pibrac, Virgin
German of Solovki, Russian Hegumen
Germanicus of Smyrna, Boy Martyr
Germanus, Bishop of Capua
Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople
Germerius, Bishop of Toulouse
Gerold, 15th Abbot of Fontanelle, Bishop of Evreux
Gerold, Bishop of Evreux
Geronicus, Bishop of Fiesole
Gertrude the Great, Benedictine Mystic
Gertrude, Abbess of Nivelles
Gerulph, Boy Martyred near Ghent
Geruntius, Bishop of Italica, Spain
Gervase, Martyr
Getulius of Rome, Husband of St. Symphorosa, Martyr
Ghislain, Confessor
Giacomo Aleman
Giacomo Bianconi, Dominican Priest
Gianna Beretta Molla, Mother and Pediatrician
Gibiltruda, Nun at Faremoutier Abbey
Gilbert of Sempringham, Priest and Founder of the Gilbertines
Gilbert, Bishop of Meaux
Gilbert, Norbertine Abbot of Neuffontaines
Gildard, Bishop of Rouen
Gildas the Wise, English Abbot and Writer
Gilduin, Bishop of Dol
Giles (Aegidio) Maria of St. Joseph, Capuchin brother
Giles (Aegidius) of Assisi, 3rd Disciple of St. Francis
Giles (Aegidius) the Hermit, Confessor, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers
Giordano (Jordan), Confessor
Girald (Giraud), Martyred at Fontenelle
Girolamo (Jerome) Savonarola, Dominican Priest, Burned at the Stake in Florence
Giuliano of S. Agostino, Franciscan
Giuseppe Fasinetti, Priest, Founder of the Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate
Gladys, Welsh Princess, Mother of St. Cadoc
Gleb, Prince of Kiev, Martyr
Glicerio Landriani, Piarist Priest
Goar of Aquitaine, Priest, Hermit
Goar of Nantes, Bishop and Martyr
Gobain, Irish Benedictine Missionary to France, Martyred Hermit
Gobnait (Gobnata, Deborah, Abigail) Abbess of Ballyvourney, Ireland, patroness of bees
Godefridus (Godfrey), Bishop of Amiens
Godehard (Gottard), bishop of Hildesheim
Gondulph, Bishop of Bourges
Gonzalvus, Bishop of Coimbra
Gordianus of Rome, Martyr
Gorgonia, sister of Gregory of Nazianzus
Gorgonius of Nicomedia, Martyr
Gorgonius of Rome, Martyr
Gosbert (Drogo), 3rd Bishop of Osnabruck
Gottfried (Godfrey) of Kappenberg, Norbertine Priest
Gouriaz of Kazan
Gracilianus of Faleria, Martyr
Grata, Martyr
Gratianus, Martyr
Gratus, Bishop of Aosta
Gregorio Grassi, Franciscan Missionary Bishop, Martyred in China
Gregory Barbarigo, First Bishop of Bergamo, Cardinal Bishop of Padua
Gregory Celli, Augustinian Priest and Confessor
Gregory I (the Great) Pope and Father of the Church
Gregory II, Pope
Gregory of Narek, Armenian Monk, Mystical Poet and Hymn Writer
Gregory of Nazianzus, Patriarch of Constantinople and Father of the Church
Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop and Father of the Church
Gregory of Spoleto, Priest and Martyr
Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessaloniki
Gregory Thaumaturgos (the Wonder Worker), Bishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus
Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Missionary to Armenia
Gregory X, Pope
Gregory, Bishop (of Langres, or perhaps of Tours)
Gregory, Bishop of Tours, Historian of the Church of Gaul
Grimoaldo of the Purification (born Ferdinando Santamaria), Passionist Religious
Grimonia (Germana, Germaine), Irish virgin, martyred near Soissons, France
Gualfardo of Verona, (Wolfhard of Augsburg), Hermit
Gualterius (Gautier, Walter) Abbot of Pontoise
Gualterus (Walter) of Servigliano, Abbot
Guarinus (Warren), Bishop of Palestrina
Gudena of Carthage, Martyr
Gudula, Virgin, Patroness of Brussels
Gudwall, Welsh Bishop of St. Malo
Guibert, Benedictine Abbot of Gorze and of Gembloux
Guido Maria Conforti, Archbishop of Ravenna, Bishop of Parma, Founded the Xaverians
Guido, Bishop of Aqui in Monferrat, Liguria
Gummar (Guntmar), Knight, Founder of Lierre Monastery
Gundelind, (Gwendolyn) Abbess of Niedermünster
Gundulph, Bishop of Metz
Guntrum I, King of the Franks
Guy de Fontgalland, “Angel of the Eucharist”
Guy of Anderlecht, Confessor